Cable Hanger (Do You Have Wires & Cables Everywere?) I DID!





Introduction: Cable Hanger (Do You Have Wires & Cables Everywere?) I DID!

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This is a quick and easy cable hanger its all from recycled wood from broken drawer.

just was designing as i go :D. 

This is my first upload Go easy.

also i just took pictures  but didn't know i was going to post on intractable so there are no details.. but if you really want i can measure post it.
Just need wood
hand saw or electric one.. both are accurate.
pencil and a measure tape to measure the spacing between tooth. (tooth??)
flat head screw driver.



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    thanks, this inspired me a lot

    It might be awhile before I have *any* free time because school just started, but when I do, I'm definitely making this. I'll post a picture when I do.

    definitely do please post me a picture when u make one.. more project coming but lost my camera.... :(

    I was just thinking about what i was gonna do in my garage. i think this will match nicely with the pegboard in front of my work bench. great idea, and Eco-friendly.

    Quick, easy and "useful". Well done,
    you get my vote.

    This is a good idea.