Cable Holder for Prusa I3





Introduction: Cable Holder for Prusa I3

This (wolfCaseCableHolderMulti_V02) is the latest and most effective cable holder we designed for our machine.

Print with flex filament so piece can flex around the vertical Y axis strut of the Prusa i3

look for flex filament brand setting requirements:

General settings:
No retraction

High heat bed

High heat to extruder nozzle

Slow speed.

Step 1: 3 Other Designs, Not Yet Tested

3 other designs not yet tested, but suitable for different cable arrangements, look to the STL files

Step 2: On the Machine

Holds stock wires that are quite long in a somewhat tidy place.

reduces need to cut, solder or fix new wire connections if wire is too long.

Step 3:



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    That's a neat design :) We need to do something like this with the tv and game console cords.

    2 replies

    Thanks! Yes no reason why it couldn't be up-scaled to larger cords, I will have the solidworks and STL files on thingiverse tomorrow if you want to tinker with the design .As far as i know there is no way to upload files for download on instructables...