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Introduction: Cable Management Solution

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I have lots of cords and cables running from my laptop to behind my desk. The problem is, whenever I disconnect them all to take my laptop with me, they all fall down behind the desk, which is relatively inaccessible. This is a quick fix I came up with in about 2 minutes, so I thought I'd share, since pretty much everyone has the parts laying around.

Step 1: Materials

First, you must gather your materials. Needed are:
1. Two (2) nails of any size except the really tiny ones.
2. One (1) LiveStrong-type rubber bracelet. A thick rubber band will work as well, but then you'd have to wear your über-trendy LiveStrong.
3. One (1) hammer, for nail-pounding.
4. Assorted cables in need of management.
5. One (1) desk which you are able to pound nails into. Check into this before you start whacking things with a hammer.
6. One (1) sense of industriousness, and a true DIY spirit. Probably not a problem since you're already reading this site.

Step 2: Assembly

This is the fun part. First, pound two nails into the back of your desk. I put them right on the top part so my cord-manager is easily accessible. I put my nails 4 1/4" apart, which is about 11 cm for you metric users.

Step 3: Assembly (continued)

Next, put all your cables between the two nails. Finally, stretch your LiveStrong-type bracelet in between the nails, trapping all cables between rubber and desk. I used a Red Sox nation bracelet whcih I got for free and never wore, mainly because I couldn't care less about baseball. Voila! It is finished. Enjoy your new way of life, free of hassle and frustration. Watch as your children grow taller and more beautiful, your grass grows greener and without unsightly weeds, and as your glass is never empty of a frosty beverage.



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    i see no iMac but i do see an MacBook Pro!

    after reading your instructable i didnot want to deface my wonderful desk with screws, so i made a similar device with ductape.

    Thats not that big of a difference.

    Nice. Neat and easy - and cheap! I'll use this. Thanks!

    nice- i use bulldog clips thou, not permament! lol

    lol, i just staple a velcro straps to the bottom of my desk (the desk i built myself that is)

    Brilliant. just brilliant. my compliments.