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I was cleaning up around the office yesterday and had a brain storm for the cables I use for PC’s that I repair.

It was usually a rats nest of cables, which I was really tired of, so I came up with this solution

Step 1: Some Simple Woodworking

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I first cut the 2" x 12" piece, then cut it in half length wise.

I then drilled and counter sunk 1/8" holes in the side piece 1a.

Then using 1 1/2 all purpose screws I put 1a & 1b back together.

I then cut 6 1/4" holes for the cables and cut dado that matched my side board (2) and top board (3)

Once that was done I glued and nailed 2 & 3 to 1b, be sure to take off part 1a. I didn't and had to cut it off.

I added corner blocks 4a and 4b to help support the joint between parts 2 and 3.

Once the glue has set you can paint it what ever color you want. I had some blue laying around so....

Step 2: Lay in the Cables

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Once your paint is dry and set just lay in the cables and screw 1a to 1b.

Step 3:

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Be sure not tie off or hinder the cables,

I was going to add some Velcro to the side but it says in place all by itself.


managementboy (author)2012-07-18

I would also add weights to each cable such that it helps when pushing them back in.

EdurusFas (author)2012-07-17

That is a very good idea!

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