I have lot of recharger, cables and similar stuff that I use regular. I don't want to store them in a box, because I need a fast access to every item, I don't want to search for it and I want to put it back very quickly. So I found this solution for me.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You'll need:

  • fibreboard (I used a backside from an old picture frame)
  • cardboard (I used old tee packages)
  • glue
  • (white) paint (every acrylic or chalk paint, will be fine)
  • brush
  • staple gun
  • hook-and-loop fastener strips
  • scissors
  • piece of strong wire
  • combination pliers
  • push pins
  • drill
  • ruler
  • two bolts and two nuts

Step 2: Layout Your Items on a Board

Step 3: Create Boxes for Heavy Items

I used old tee packages, but you can use another card stock.

First cut it and fold to the item size, glue it then together.

Step 4: Paint All Parts

Paint the fibreboard and all card stock boxes with one colour to unify all parts.

Step 5: ​Attach Boxes to the Board

Attach the boxes to the fibreboard with the staple gun.

Step 6: Attach Cable Fastener to the Board

For the cable fastener use hook-and-loop fasteners. I used lineal fabric strips for loops and round sticky dots for hooks.

1) wrap a loop strip around every cable to find out it's required length

2) crop the required length

4) stick the hook dot to the board and place the piece of the loop strip under

6) attach the hook stripe to the board with the staple gun (I put a piece of wood under the fibreboard to protected my table as shown in the picture number 5)

8) on the back side of the fibreboard bend jutting staple ends

9) and the cable fastener is ready to use

Step 7: Create Wire Hooks

Beside cables I got two items (my mp3 player an a card case) that need a hook to hang on the board:

Bend a piece of wire to a hook with combination pliers and pin it to the fibreboard with a push pin.

Step 8: Paint Staples

You can skip this step, I found nice to have those parts white too.

Step 9: Mount the Cable Storage

This cable storage can hang on the wall like a picture frame but I mounted it at my plastic rack.

I drilled first two holes in the rack, measured the distance between this holes, measured the same distance in the middle of the cable storage board and drilled there two holes, screwed finally the board to the rack.

<p>This is great! Though I have way too many cables for this to work. I have a giant box holding all of mine. </p>
<p>Yes, I have a box with cables too, things that are now hanging on a <br>board are just a selection of items that I use almost every day. I just <br>find that the access to them is really faster this way.</p>
<p>Very cool solutions for the most used cables! I store normally store each inside a toilet paper roll and then I have all of the in a box, but the ones I use often are a bit annoying to put back inside. This solution is very clever!</p>

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