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Introduction: Cable Organizer

About: If you like simple solutions then here you can find some of my crazy ideas.

Simple, elegant, useful and cheap.

Made from a door stopper and a wire

Step 1: Door Stopper, Wire, Cuter, a Tube

this is all, what you need

Step 2: Bend the Wire Around the Tube

to the width of the door stopper

Step 3: Cut of the Excess

and use it to

Step 4: Melt Two Holes in the Rubber

a candle works just as well

Step 5: Stick Your Spiral in the Holes

see the video for all steps



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    3 Discussions

    This cable organizer is a good example of a DIY with household items that can be recycled. It would be great to find more of these DIY tutorials on small storage units for small items at home like bobby pins or hair clips. I just thought about it since my niece has brought this small little problem she has for her vanity desk.

    Yes I liked the organizer + the annunciating note.