Cable Reel Table





Introduction: Cable Reel Table

I made this cable reel into an outdoor table but it can also be used indoors, great for entertaining. It's diameter is 5 feet and 43" tall. I stained it and sealed it with minwax. I also installed 4 heavy duty skid free casters and bought a 9' umbrella for it. It is very sturdy, definitely not your grandmas table.

Step 1: Find a Cable Reel, Look on Cragslist, Local Electrical Shops, Etc..

Step 2: Stain and Seal It, or Paint It Any Color You Prefer.

Step 3: Go to Home Depot and Buy Some Casters and Screws, Good Casters Are About $10.00 a Piece.

Step 4: Buy an Umbrella If You Want One, I Got This One From Menards for $80.00. Cable Reel Already Has Holes on Both Sides So the Umbrella Will Just Slide In.

Step 5: Finished Product.

Enjoy your table for many years to come. You can also build or buy some bar stools for it, it should seat 6-7, maybe even 8 people. Cheers...



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Good use of recycled stuff --- like it

Or bring them into a wholesaler for the $45-$90 deposit

Can you really buy a table like this for 50 Bucks?

I love this! Cable reels are the best!