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Everytime when I got some cables from someone I've stored them in the basement for ... later use.

Now I had something about 30-50Kg of cable but no later use. But the copper is worth something. So I've still the cable in my basement ;-) For Other projects I may need some copper so lets build something to extract the copper quite easy.

There are several options:

- Burn away the isolation --> a lot of unhealthy stuff are going to pollute the neighborhood

- By some device to do the Job --> It's not a big business

- Let children do the work --> I don't have any

- Build something to ease the job --> OK

Step 1: Prepare the Knife

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First of all we need some knife to cut open the wires.

I've decided to use some old saw blade which I simple grind to fit my purpose.

Step 2: Blade Jig

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The jig is build out of some old junk of wood.

I've saw a line and drilled a hole with the size of the wire into it.

Step 3: Assembly

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Now add the knife to the jig and place it in a way that the wire will only be cut on the outer layer. Then fix the blade by pressing the wood together with a bar clamp or your vice.

Step 4: Stripping the Wires

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Now you are able to simply pull your old wires through the hole to get the copper out of it.

When you use bar clamps you are even able to do it while BBQing.


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