A while back, I was cleaning up the mess in my small workshop and I kept finding cable ties all over the place.  I had some loose one, some were in half torn plastic bags, some in tool boxes...  I could not decide where to store them conveniently.  So I stacked them on the bench as I was finding them during my clean up to give my brain some time to figure out the answer.   At some point I was holding a piece of scrap PVC piping in my hand and a light went on in my head: The Cable Tie Holder  was conceived...  since I've made this holder, my cable ties have always been very organized and I can easily pick the right size for my application.  I can also visually  monitor stock levels.

Ok, it's a simple thing to make, you can figure it out from the intro picture probably. It should take you less than 10 minutes to make it.  I did experiment a bit on the best way to assemble the tubes however...

Step 1: What You Need

Very simple, you need:
- some scrap pieces of PVC pipe
- a PVC pipe cutter or a hand saw or anything else that will do the job...
- some Duck tape
- a pair of scissors
- an assortment of cable ties to put in your new creation

PS: if you wonder Duct or Duck tape check http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape/duckvsduct.html  
A couple of improvements to your idea. <br>1. I assume the tape between the 2 tubes closest to the 2x4 in that pic has a small gap between them (the difference between 2 circles &amp; an oval or rectangle shape). If you, instead of ziptying the holder to the 2x4, mounted a hook with a long &quot;tooth&quot; on it to the board, you could hang the holder from the tooth securely...while still being able to take the entire holder off (for instance, when you need to ziptie a bunch of stuff in your car).<br>2. A handle. Attach a short piece of rope/string/strap/etc on either side to carry it by...a small weight at the bottom of the holder would ensure it swings right way up when you carry it.
Looks good, and <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Quick-Cheap-and-Easy-Tool-Organizer/">kind of familiar</a> ;)<br>
Hi Aeray! <br> <br>I really like your idea of using PVC pipes to organize tools. I was thinking too small with the cable ties ;-). I'll be setting up a new larger workshop in a few months, I will definetely use your instructable. Tx
Post photos if you do. I think I'll be organizing my cable ties tomorrow...

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