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A while back, I was cleaning up the mess in my small workshop and I kept finding cable ties all over the place.  I had some loose one, some were in half torn plastic bags, some in tool boxes...  I could not decide where to store them conveniently.  So I stacked them on the bench as I was finding them during my clean up to give my brain some time to figure out the answer.   At some point I was holding a piece of scrap PVC piping in my hand and a light went on in my head: The Cable Tie Holder  was conceived...  since I've made this holder, my cable ties have always been very organized and I can easily pick the right size for my application.  I can also visually  monitor stock levels.

Ok, it's a simple thing to make, you can figure it out from the intro picture probably. It should take you less than 10 minutes to make it.  I did experiment a bit on the best way to assemble the tubes however...

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Very simple, you need:
- some scrap pieces of PVC pipe
- a PVC pipe cutter or a hand saw or anything else that will do the job...
- some Duck tape
- a pair of scissors
- an assortment of cable ties to put in your new creation

PS: if you wonder Duct or Duck tape check http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape/duckvsduct.html  
A couple of improvements to your idea.
1. I assume the tape between the 2 tubes closest to the 2x4 in that pic has a small gap between them (the difference between 2 circles & an oval or rectangle shape). If you, instead of ziptying the holder to the 2x4, mounted a hook with a long "tooth" on it to the board, you could hang the holder from the tooth securely...while still being able to take the entire holder off (for instance, when you need to ziptie a bunch of stuff in your car).
2. A handle. Attach a short piece of rope/string/strap/etc on either side to carry it by...a small weight at the bottom of the holder would ensure it swings right way up when you carry it.
aeray4 years ago
Looks good, and kind of familiar ;)
domino88 (author)  aeray4 years ago
Hi Aeray!

I really like your idea of using PVC pipes to organize tools. I was thinking too small with the cable ties ;-). I'll be setting up a new larger workshop in a few months, I will definetely use your instructable. Tx
aeray domino884 years ago
Post photos if you do. I think I'll be organizing my cable ties tomorrow...