Step 5: Cut the Steel Cable to Length

Next you need to cut the steel cable to length. I cut mine to about 6 feet long since I cant reach anything much taller than that. If your going to running it horizontally on the wall then it can be any length you like.

Its easiest to use a cable cutter to do this (shown in first picture) - its about a 10 dollar tool at the hardware store. If you don't want to pick one up you can use a wire cutter or any others pliers with a cutting surface and just try to slowly work your way through the steel cable in a circular twisting motion between your hands (shown in second picture). This takes some time and requires a good deal of effort so be warned.

Hack saws can make pretty quick work of steel cable as well if you can get someone to hold the cable while you saw it.

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Great instructable, and I&nbsp;love that you have bacon bandaids in the picture!<br />
I made one of these in my office today! I just ran the steel cable around some pipe mounts already bolted to the concrete and put the turnbuckle near the ground. Small magnets hold single pieces of paper with ease.
Tightening is more easily done with a small <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turnbuckle">turnbuckle</a>. These come in many forms, including very slick ones for tensioning cable. These take a cable in each end and holds that cable with grub screws, and then the central barrel turns to lengthen or shorten the buckle.<br/><br/>Neat concept, and well explained.<br/>
A turnbuckle would definitely make the cable a lot tighter than I was able to get it with my hands. Thanks for the suggestion - maybe I will stick one in line and take some pictures and make an update.
Make sure you don't overtighten the turnbuckle. When the screws are in wood, sometimes you can tighten the cable up too much and the screws start to lien in and pull out of the wood. Also, for this application, you should be able to use a friend to get the cable tight enough. A turnbuckle will clutter the contemporary look you are trying for.
Bulletin board 2.0 Great job!
Great idea- the only problem is that officemates might also want one for themselves and that means more frigate-rigging work. If could get hold of a three-strand cable- I think an eye splice would be neater, doing away with the clamps (another instructionable?)
What do you mean by an eye splice? Could you bundle three cables together and then run them out of the screw eye in different directions for each of your officemates? That would be a steel cable bulletin board tri-fecta!
An eye splice is a way of splicing a stranded rope or cable end back on itself to produce a loop. See, for instance,<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://animatedknots.com/splice/">http://animatedknots.com/splice/</a><br/>
That is really cool! I will try splicing the cable back upon itself - I wonder if the steel cable is too tight to manipulate though. I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes.

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