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There's an easy solution to loose cables falling off of your desk - the cable catch.

To make one, you'll need:
-a plastic card you don't use (e.g. a hotel keycard)
-a hole punch (or not, depending on your skill with scissors)
-some adhesive (e.g. poster gum, mounting square)

Step 1: Cut the card and punch a hole in it

Picture of Cut the card and punch a hole in it
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kittywitty4 years ago
Neat instructable! Will try this. Thanks.
Nice. In the past I have used push pins with twist ties, but that isn't the best. Now I use gaffer's tape to hold things to my desk. This is a problem I must revisit.
lemonie5 years ago
Simple, easy effective, good!

ClayChip5 years ago
That's a very good idea. Simple and very effective. Well done!
RadBear5 years ago
You could  punch multiple holes in the card to control all the annoying cords on your desk or nightstand. I'm going to have to try this one out!