Introduction: Cable Modifications for Iphone.

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Three cables are featured in this slide show a USB, headset and audio. The USB cable is modified with a stand, ferrite choke, cord wrapper and tension springs. The headset has a shirt clip, ear pads and a no-tangle sleeve. The audio cable is DIY, made from a headphone extension purchased at the 99cent store. The spring cable was chosen for use in a car, specifically because it doesn’t tangle.


CrushBot 2000 (author)2012-02-13

Love the earbuds could you say how to make them? Maybe an 'ible?

Max Headroom (author)2010-05-28

you forgot to mention, this is only fit to iPhone 3G.

grundisimo (author)Max Headroom2011-07-23

Incorrect. The four-pin cable has the ability to work with anything after the iPod Nano third gen.

Doctor What (author)2010-01-18

 Nice mods!  I love the third one!  (ible please?)

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