Cheapest Keys Organizer (Flexible to Add and Remove)





Introduction: Cheapest Keys Organizer (Flexible to Add and Remove)

I really like those ideas of making keys into swiss army knife style, but i felt that there is lots of constraints in size, fix numbers of keys and too time consuming to make one.

So I thought of a simplest way to organize ur keys where u can have the flexibility of changing them as and when u had to. This way is much more cost effective and less time consuming.

Share with me ur version if u had made one. :)

Cheers!!!! :)

Below is the full instruction video, pls take a look.

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    This is indeed a very cost-efficient and practical way to store your bunch of keys even you have ran out of key chains. It would be difficult though to remove the cable tie should you accidentally cut the ends too short.

    here is what I did its temporary till I make a key bar but its pretty sturdy.


    Great idea too. u should post that on instructable.

    Thanks for sharing.

    thanks,yours inspired mine bro later

    have you tried a bolt and some washers(split washers?) and a nut, it might provide a more permanent setup. Of course locktite the end nut.

    Thanks for ur suggestion.

    Yes u might need washes if the keys' hole are too big for the cable tie. What i did is, i used those smaller keys on the sides so i dun need a washes.

    Share with me how is urs made. :)

    Catvin, very creative. Thank you.

    thank u. if u ever do one for urself, share with me. :)

    very nice idea, since its plastic probably wouldn't last too long.