Picture of Cactus Costume
What's more appropriate than dressing your pet hedgehog up as a cactus for Halloween? Answer: Nothing!
So here's an Instructable on how to do it. This was super easy and only took me about 45 minutes.

**And please, supervised play time only**

Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
-2 pieces of felt, different shades of green. One roughly 5x3 when folded in half and the other can be smaller.
-1 small piece of felt
-About a handful of stuffing
-Hot glue gun
-Seam ripper (or scissors will work)
-Sewing machine or needle and thread (minimal sewing-you could probably even use the glue gun for this)
mametchi3 months ago

huh. so cute! just curious, can this costume fit on guinea pigs? I have 2

emiro10 months ago
I have a hedgehog! Most costumes irritate hedgies but mine was so happy in his! Nice instructable!
I have 9 hedgehogs, these would be perfect costumes!
beme20131 year ago
OMG cutest thing ever! Now I wish I had a pet hedgehog.
bigfork3 years ago
oooh my goood! amazing ! :)
tqwerty3 years ago
pwillett13 years ago
It's adoraable. Now if I only had a hedgehog!
This is pretty cute. We have an albino hedgehog named Tails. My fiancée is Planning to make this for her. That, or angel wings since she's albino and it would fit. We'd still use your underbelly strap idea! Kudos!
TristaGee (author)  birdbrain53813 years ago
Aww, that would be so precious. If only there were some way to do a halo too.
kbukovac3 years ago
haha, cute and easy... you could also use this technique on some cheap green sweatpants and a hoodie to make a human cactus costume!
TristaGee (author)  kbukovac3 years ago
Ha! Great idea. Then you could be matchy-matchy, lol.
Technolio3 years ago
One question: Does he mind wearing it? otherwise, Awesome hedgie and really cool costume, keep up the good work :)
TristaGee (author)  Technolio3 years ago
Once it was on he mostly ignored it. The piece of fleece used as the "tie" was really stretchy and soft so I don't think it was all that uncomfortable, and it was loose enough to where it wouldn't hurt him.

I'm unsure if this link will work or not (if not, I can upload it to YouTube), but here is a short video of him roaming around a bit.

whaHAHA this is the most awesome instructable ever!! I don't have a hedgehog but I do have a cactus, I think I will make a follow up how to dress your cactus as a hedgehog!
TristaGee (author)  merijnvw3 years ago
Rofl, brilliant!
flyingpuppy3 years ago
Ain't that redundant?
canida3 years ago
This is so ridiculously adorable! And what a cute, happy little hedgehog.
Dawwwww, I want hedgehog :D
Flintlock3 years ago
MidnightSon3 years ago
Seriously you have a HEDGEHOG PET ??? That is so awesome. You should get 5 stars just for that, but the cactus costume idea is so great too. Please keep up, and say hello to Persi for me.
ChrysN3 years ago
That is so cute!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Hedgehog costume = win
That is extremly adorable!