Step 2: Dulce de Leche

Picture of Dulce de Leche
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Making the Dulce de Leche is simple, yet carries some dangers.  If the pot is allowed to boil dry, the can could rupture sending hot caramel flying ever where, which in itself sounds like fun until it hits your skin!  Plus there could be can shrapnel- yowsa.  So follow the recipe carefully, if you have to pop out for a minute just kill the heat on the stove, when you get back turn the heat back on.  No big deal, it will turn out just fine even if you have to leave for 24 hours, I know...

So ideally you want to prepare this in your biggest tallest pot you have.  That way you are minimizing having to get up, trudge all the way over to the kitchen, drawn some water "how tedious" and top your pot.  I used an asparagus cooker, just a tall pot with a removable strainer.  You don't really need the strainer, but I invert it and throw it over top of the can while its cooking.  It gives a false sens of security that should I let the pot boil dry it will contain the sugary blast.  Anyway, lets go over the procedure.
  1. Plunk your can in the bottom of the pot
  2. Fill with water till about 2 inches from the top
  3. Put it on the stove to boil - Maximum heat
  4. As soon as it begins to boil, drop the heat to about 3 or just above simmer - Basically almost as low as the temperature on your stove allows
  5. Find something to do for 14 hours! somewhere in the house.  Check it every couple of hours just to be safe, if its getting low on water just top it up with hot water from the tap.  I had to top up my pot once but this depends on the size of pot used.

Toss it in the fridge to use the next day, you should let it cool till its at least only warm feeling in your hand.  In theory if you open it while its hot it could burst a little - but, I have never tested this and neither should you!
Tinker L3 years ago
These sound amazing! I'm going to surprise my husband, the wannabe King of Snickerdoodles with this variation. Question - above, you say 14 hours. On the first page you say 4 and that 12 is too long. I'm guessing the one snuck in there while you were having a cookie, but wanted to check since I've never done this before.