Picture of Caffeinated Jello Shots

There is no denying it, we live in a society fueled by caffeine. Coffee helps unzombify millions every morning. Energy drinks like Redbull and Monster keep people from falling asleep at their desks everywhere, and what college student hasn't used a combination of coffee, energy drinks, or NoDoz to aid in a late night cram session.

Although, despite caffeines obvious greatness, there are still some that do not approve of the culture. I speak specifically of Sleep Number, and their fake website wakey'z. They have the nerve to tantalize us with amazing caffeinated products, and then, just seconds after revealing it was all a sham, attempt to sell us a mattress. How dare you tempt me with delicious caffeinated owl wings and coffee cereal which turns the milk into triple shot espresso. I would much rather have those products than a stupid mattress! I say to hell with them all, I'll sleep when I'm dead!

//end caffeine fueled rant

Anyway, who needs fake websites to give us novel methods of consuming caffeine, we are perfectly capable of coming up with our own.

I now present to you the caffeinated jello shot.

(original idea, and 5 grams of anhydrous caffeine generously provided by talbotron22)

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Relatively simple shopping list

1. Caffeine powder (can be bought pure or made from ground up caffeine pills)
2. Jello, multiple flavors are recommended (so different colors can represent different dosage)
3. Shot glasses (Paper bathroom cups can be used, or cut down plastic cups)
4. Optional: B12 pills

ElvenChild2 years ago
Theoretically, for every 100 pounds of body weight, it would take about 6 grams of caffeine to kill you, and I'm pretty sure hyper speed doesn't apply to carcasses.
iestrada22 years ago
Hey between me and you I use a different white powder from my "street pharmacist".
HSLINKS5 years ago
Back in the old days coke & no name coke came in 3 qt bottles. I would buy 2 - "6 pks" of these to get through most of the week.                          First thing in the morning before even hitting the bathroom I used to stand at the fridge sucking one down, then the last little bit went into my cup. This cup was huge about 6 inches across the top, it stood on the top of the toilet tank while I was in shower, and I would grab some while showering.                                                                                                                At work I had another 6 pk in fridge for day use. I was working 40+ hrs, pulling 21 credits (mixed day and night classes). Since I was boss my schedule worked for mix of school and work. During college I would hit the coke machine, then drive back to work, then later night classes, then back to work, then home to homework, paperwork from work and my other 3 qt.                                                                                                                  My day started at 4am and generally ended around midnight.                    I am ADDH so it really worked to keep me focused - back then girls didn't have ADD let alone ADDH. So I was self medicating. Also a tea drinker .. My tea of choice is breakfast tea because you can get it dark enough the colour of the cup doesn't show and its not bitter.                        I went through horrible withdrawals when I dropped using coke. I am close to 60, rarely do coke anymore, but still am sucking down tea. My cup is smaller about 4.5 inches across and am using 8 tea bags for 2 cups. I go through 4-6 a day.  ... Ria
hogey74 HSLINKS5 years ago
That's crazy! I used to have two or three strong plunger coffees during my mornings off but when I tried that recently (now in my mid 30s) I got the jitters! And those energy drinks give me the heeby-jeebies!
HSLINKS hogey745 years ago
I know I can't do the amount of caffeine I used to do. But still have to have it, or I have headaches. At least it's less than when I was younger .. Ria
hogey74 HSLINKS4 years ago
Yeah had caffeine head aches before - closest I ever want to get to a migrane.
Screamo4 years ago
Weird, haven't heard of those but my birth mom drinks Alchohol Jello shots O.o
here is a much better idea, just keep a seperate fridge... or put the cups in the back.... or a child lock until they can read.... also... I eat jello :( and I am 16
Belmondo8835 years ago
I love jellos shots!
cbrown2225 years ago
how many mg of caffeine wuld be in about a tbsp of caffeine?
probably enough to kill you if your talking about pure caffeine lol
evardsson5 years ago
Looks like the perfect thing for turning all-night coding sessions into a party. BTW, my drink of choice at that big coffee chain whose name I shall not mention: Venti quad-shot sludge cup (20oz drip + 4 shots of espresso) - comes out to about 630mg caffeine. Even after downing one of those (in about 30 minutes) less than an hour after drinking an entire pot of standard drip I still experience no loss of reality or urge to kill puppies, etc. Speaking of which, I need to go start another pot, the blood level in my caffeine system is too high.
630 mg is a MANLY dose - holy jeez! I think I would run coast-to-coast if I consumed that much. Your brain has probably downregulated your caffeine receptors, meaning you get less effect. The best solution for your wallet (and your physiology) would be to wean yourself off caffeine... until the point where 100mg gives you a boost. Then, only consume it for a true event (like an all-night coding session). There are cases of chronic tachycardia stemming from caffeine abuse. Just sayin. If I need a boost when I'm studying, I blast "Jukebox Hero" and do pushups :D ...Don't forget cold water + veggies! Gimme fiber for long-term energy.
Look at your leprechauns. Now back to me. Look at them again - Now back to me. Sadly, you've had so much caffeine that not only are you seeing leprechauns, but now they're ignoring you and chatting amongst themselves. :-)
backlash7 years ago
I understand what your talking about, found a rare item a while back called jolt gum two pieces = 1 cup of coffee, so what do i do? pop 12 pieces (i.e the whole pack) in 20 minutes, i was going nuts, though i don't remember wanting to kill puppies, i did finish my English assignment of finishing a short story (16 pages) in about an hour.
well if you do the math, a cup of coffee is 100 mg of caffeine, and 2 pieces = a cup of coffee then, 50 x 12 = 600mg

loss of reality should have occurred hmmmm...
so he got an F on that paper right?
What paper?
teh english assignment?
i love jolt... they have an energy drink too, but i cant find it anywhere. i bought mky jolt at spencers
Jolt is available in convenience stores and gas stations all over America
go to the thinkgeek and order it but bawls is better, get it at speedway and thinkgeek
"Chew more, Do more" i believe is their slogan
i'v had some of that gum
vkyo5 years ago
357 mg is what u find in a 22ml bottle of NOS.... i hav 6 empty bottles in my closet O.o
123perryv5 years ago
Jello shots sans alcohol? WTF is the point of that???? Just kidding...sounds like an important part of a nutritious breakfast. Alcohol and Caffeine go great together. All the drunkenness, none of the sleepiness. Triple Espresso flavored Vodka is awesome!!!
Here in Brazil, I don't know of any place that sells caffeine capsules or powder, but I would use guaraná powder instead (and B12). I might try it!
If you live in Brazil, just get mate and drink it like they do in Uruguay.
sqeeek5 years ago
Maybe I should snort it...
Formatt sqeeek5 years ago
Of course you can snort it. Take it from me though the drip you get in the back of your throat is not pleasant. However it is a "pick-me-up" since you do absorb things well in your nose. Weigh your pros and cons and exercise caution.
Where would a person find caffiene powder?
Iridium75 years ago
 How much is enough to kill you?
it depends on body wieght and if you have any heart conditions. stay under 2g. anything more than 1g makes you feel bad. (that's 5 no-doz)
schimmi7 years ago
wow, "powder should be the consistency of cocaine" cause EVERYONE does cocaine most people who are caffeine addicts aren't cocaine addicts because they love caffeine too much like me, i don't like beer cause i like caffeine too much
two words:
caffeinated beer
caffeinated beer is a bad idea if you ask me. you're mixing an upper and a downer when you drink it and that is never a good idea.
my local homebrew club makes a coffee stout that is nothing short of amazing. it is my favorite ever. we made a keg of it (along with a keg of india pale ale and a keg of our triple-hopped pale ale ::grins::) for my DIY wedding reception. i kind of love the up+down nature of it... and there are a lot of people who use cocaine or meth and alcohol together.
one word- dead.
bgugi schimmi7 years ago
caffiene and cocaine are essentially the same - they work the same way in the brain, they are produced in similar ways, they even share physical characteristics - fine white powder
Basically very fine and light and powdery, not clumped or 'balled'.
Tetranitrate (author)  schimmi7 years ago
If you like caffeine, you should try adderall. wowza
adderall + caffiene + cocaine ftw.
GUNsicker5 years ago
 I tried 500 mg... my friends said i read a dictionary in about a half an hour.
pandaboy2925 years ago
this is one of the funniest instructables ever!
jupeter55 years ago
levitation of objects with the mind can be achived at 600mg
Samster12148 years ago
Do i ever have caffine stories. This one time, i had had aprox. 6 cans of pop within a night. I was jittery, nervous, sweaty and pissy the entire night. At one point that night, one of my friends lightly tossed an empty bottle at me. (i dont even know if it hit me) even though i knew it was him, i was (momentarily) being silly, and asked him "who did that?" he pointed to one of my other friends, and with the silliness now gone, i picked up a ball and threw it at him. (i guess kinda hard) he responded by chucking a lacrosse ball at my back. i snapped and whipped a flashlight at him. i got off the major caffeine intake shortly after.
dude... 6 cans of pop is nothing. try a whole 2-liter jug plus some more and then you know the feeling.
if I had the pop I could drink abought 10 leters of any cafinated pop.
no way man...thats 2 and a half frickin gallons of liquid. thats not physically possible.
sure it is, this is the reason the pause button was invented
6 cans at around 40 mg or caffeine each is not bad , 260 mg of caffiene
Fair point, may have been more, or maybe i wasn't used 2 havin alot. idk, but it sucked.
what's a jello shot?
im 13 100lb and i drank a whole 2 liter one time that was fun but i kept peeing it out so never took real effect
try a 24 pack... and then go to chili's
ahhh fun times XD
dla8885 years ago
I love it man! This is like red bull, only it's in jello!

I have a cousin that works at a redbull factory.
habiat235 years ago
Upon first glance, one would think that you're some type of drug dealer who smuggles his product in Jell-O (which isn't such a bad idea, when you think about it).
bwpatton16 years ago
just thinking of a way to get caffeine directly.......... would it even be possible to take 10mg of caffeine and not like passout?? or be killed?? Cuz cant caffeine kill you in VERY large doses??
10 mg is nothing, unless you mean 10 grams. But 10 milligrams is like nothing at all.
decaf coffee actually has 3.5 mg... close to nothing but it makes them LIARS!
Awsome Ible by the way
loserbaby297 years ago
I would be more interested in a carbonated jello shot. Is this poosible?
Yes. First buy a soda fountain and CO2 cartrigdes. Then you pour the LIQUID Jell-O mix through, thus producing carbonation. Then refrigderate according to the box.
Ya know, I wonder what would happen. If you dissolved the gelatin in a minimal amount of hot water, then mixed it with seltzer while it set you MIGHT be able to retain some of the carbonation.
A few years ago they made a kind of Jell-o to be mixed with carbonated water. I'm not sure if they still make it. I haven't seen it in a while. Then again I haven't looked. I would definitely look for it.
Vulcanator6 years ago
Kitoru7 years ago
The estimated caffeine LD is between 150~200mg / 1kg body weight. This a rough estimate, and as little as 5 grams has been known to kill. Also, Caffeine's half life is about 3-4 hours in adults. This mean that if you have 200mg in your system, then after 3~4 hours, it will have reduced to 100mg. However, the half-life in the body increases dramatically for children and younger teenagers, sometimes lasting up to 20 hours. This is something to observe when consuming caffeine over the course of the day. This converts to about: 15g for adult males weighing 200lbs. (~97kg) 12g for adult females weighing 150lbs (~68kg) 8g for teenagers weighing 100lbs (~45kg) As with all things of this nature, start small and work your way up. When I was in middle school, one of my friends would use up to 1.5grams at a time, and wasn't affected by it too adversely. She didn't even experience nausea past the second time, while I'd start feeling sick at 350mg, which just goes to show you how adverse the tolerances to this drug can be.
830 mg is considered a heavy dose
Darren.7 years ago
how do you know what the consisntstacy of cocaine is?
Kitoru8 years ago
I really liked this idea. However, after experimenting around a bit with different levels of Caffeine, B6, and B12 per shot, and sampling the first two batches, I realized it was unbearably bitter and not Jello-ish at all. Attempting to remedy this, I started doing testing with different sweeteners to mask the flavor. Sugar alone helps take away the initial edge, at a rate of 1tbsp per 200mg of Caffeine used in a batch. ' Yes, thats a lot, but it also provides a lot of Sucrose to be turned into mid-term energy. 2tsp of honey for 2 cups of Jello solution proved enough to soften the aftertaste of the Caffeine, although I didn't test to see if B6 and B12 had bitter flavors of their own. Note: I did all my testing with 'Jello' brand mix, 'Strawberry flavor
Tetranitrate (author)  Kitoru8 years ago
Awesome, thanks for the tips. I was wondering what addition would make a good mask for the bitterness.
On the Jello front, after a bit of research I was able to find a relatively new product on the market. 'Purecaf' liquid Caffeine. Reading into their process a bit, it seems like its a virtually tasteless odorless caffeine solution packing 120mg/1tsp. Priced at $5.95/ 4oz (1500mg Caffeine), that isn't ALL that much worse than commercial solid Caffeine.
Crazy, isn't it?
Truecaf's homepage. Theres a link to a distributor there.
your link doesnt work
Tetranitrate (author)  Kitoru8 years ago
I really really need to try out some of that stuff. If it really is tasteless like they claim ... I can add caffeine to every ingredient in every meal I ever eat. Viva la twitchiness.
Kitoru Kitoru8 years ago
xD I ate another one today, but after eating it in larger amounts... Realized it still does still have a gross taste. One of my friends suggested High Fructose Corn Syrup, since thats what Sodas use and they taste ok, but I haven't put any effort into that. Maybe later... This brought me back into caffeine consumption after 10 months of being off for Cross Country/Health purposes. Darn you Tetranitrate and your really good caffeinated ideas. Batch# 2
IzzyP Kitoru6 years ago
Thank you for your posts. I am about to experiment with different ways to remedy the horrible taste. And you've given me some ideas.
schimmi Kitoru7 years ago
getting off of caffeine? even for cross country? why i never!
Vulcanator6 years ago
instead of using caffine you can use aderall or other amphetamines
mappum6 years ago
I wish I could make these but you have to be 18 to buy caffeine pills (in Washington at least) :(
ShadowJesus6 years ago
*high five* Awesome instructable you have thar!
jianqiang6 years ago
This is a much better alternative to snorting adderall. I thoroughly enjoyed your dosage explanations in step 2.
AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! my mom banned me from caffine. i cant have coke, only sprite. i cant even have a cup of iced tea. you could probably use 5 hour energy in this, it would make it easier to make.
magic bus is better
i only read the title and when i was scrolling down real quick i thought you were putting crack in jello
why would you want to know this info
xproplayer6 years ago
what section would be at any store
xproplayer6 years ago
can u please tell me how much that bottle of caffine capsules is at like albertsons or watever
JethroWho157 years ago
what would happen if you snorted caffeine
depends on how much just look at his scale
100 cups? I would rather take speed, though I wouldn't try either.
Hmmm...I am not sure what the consistency of cocaine is! I am guessing you do? ;)
Yes. About the same consistency of Anthrax. Or just buy some and check
haoran7 years ago
You could have the best of both worlds and add gelatine to espresso, no? I like my caffeine coffee-flavoured.
westfw8 years ago
For comparison, an 8oz cup of coffee contains about 100mg of caffeine, and a typical 12oz cola-like soda has about 30 to 50 mg of caffeine. More detailed listing
frollard westfw8 years ago
3. Keep rolling until the powder is similar in consistency to cocaine. I lolled...oh my god, I know its only caffeine but geez...great instructable!
Squee frollard8 years ago
How about a reference for those of us who havn't had the luxury of seeing cocaine... you know compare it to anthrax or baby powder or something?
Tetranitrate (author)  Squee8 years ago
Ok, the ideal consistency should be similar to anthrax.
Since you posted this, I've read into a lot of unrelated caffeine projects, such as student-made 'Nasal Spray' caffeine, that has epileptic-like downs, and from that learned that buying caffeine in its pure form is far more desirable than crushing Over the Counter caffeine pills. Apparently the OTC products have a large amount of filler, that ends up coarse and won't dissolve fully in water. Ideal caffeine should have the solubility of sugar, and won't leave any grit behind.
qpop7 years ago
Very nice instructable. The comments are brilliant! It's like all the nice kids trying to experiment with drugs!
Epic win my good sir.
backlash7 years ago
OMG i almost hate you right now. lmao ive been talking about doing this for almost two years and you beat me to it. oddly enough amazing how great minds think alike.
lovely. now we can all get high on jello
pyro137 years ago
Not that I am recommending that anyone try this, but if one happened to need a quick and sudden boost of energy for any reason, i have heard that sniffing caffeine can give you a quick and staggeringly potent buzz.
and i have heard that if you sniff crack, you get high. Dats probobly not a good idea to sniff caffeine btw.
pyro137 years ago
I'm not sure if it is true or not, but i read somewhere that grapefruit juice and other citrus fruits extend the half life of caffeine. Is this true?
flio1917 years ago
this is pretty great, its like crack-caffeine
Tycho77 years ago
For some reason, I always get a grainy pile of caffiene powder on the bottom. Is this natural? How can you prevent it?
just a comment... if I remember correctly, 7g will kill you... so just be careful, more is not ALWAYS better! stick with 500mg :P
Tetranitrate (author)  thecheatscalc8 years ago
As little as 2 grams can kill you.
Oh, and isn't pure caffeine tasteless, or is it actually bitter, it might just be the pills you're using...
Caffeine is naturally very bitter.
depends on ur wieght
Kaiven7 years ago
In "Click", with Adam Sandler, he drinks Jell-o shots with a bunch of Japenese guys at TGI Friday
some people actually use the energy drinks to stay alert at work all night when theyre in the trenches and in the combat zone and need to be on guard. these energy products can actually save your life if you are in a need to be alert situation...all praise to the energy drink...and all praise to the all nite ciffee servers... bless them they keep us bloodhounds alive...
Tetranitrate (author)  Castle Seige8 years ago
I for one welcome our new caffeinated overlords.
DUDE!!!!!!! someone jacked ur ideas, and ur pictures. they're at this site http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Caffeine-Jello-Shots
Tetranitrate (author)  pyro138 years ago
Yeah I know, I gave her permission; there is a credit to me at the bottom under external links (she got my name wrong though Tetranitrateon, lol), but thanks for watching my back.
John Smith8 years ago
So... ...if I wanted to make 15, one ounce jello shots, with 25mg caffine in each one, I'd use a regular pack of jello, making ~2 cups(16 ounces). I'd also need 3.75 200mg pills, right? That would also mean that your shots are about 1/2 ounce, right?
also you can get 100% Streight Caffine Powder At UnitedNuclear.com under chemicals and its only $4.00 for 2oz and $16.00 for 8oz. But it can kill you if you use to much, so weigh it with a scale. Great instructable! OH! Also you could use BAWLS Guarana instead of water! {_}
That's a very "bad idea". United Nuclear's caffeine is sold strictly for lab use, and not human consumption. This means they aren't buying food grade caffeine. This means that the caffeine that was purchased is not strictly monitored for safe human consumption. It's dangerous and stupid to ingest non food grade chemicals.
Sigma-Aldrich has USP grade caffeine at ~$55 for 250g (that's >98%). There are plenty of other reputable science supply houses that'll sell chemicals to the general public - just set up an account. The science-speak word for "pure" is "HPLC-Grade." If your caffeine (or other chemical) is HPLC-grade, it is ultrapurified for use on analytical instruments. YMMV, but I'd have no qualms about ingesting HPLC grade caffeine.
Thanks for the Sigma-Aldrich suggestion, being a non-chemist I don't really know any chemical supply houses...I'll have to do some more looking around. You can get FCC grade there. It's cheaper per gram than UnitedNuclear's or the HPLC grade (which is sort of over kill for food isn't it?). You can almost be certain that it would be cheaper than grinding the pills. Plus it's safer than buying from UN because you can be certain it's safe enough to eat.
Bawls Guarana is awesome. Keeps me awake more than redbull or monster. You know its good becuae it has a warning label on it
Hmm, caffeine stories. OH. i once drank a double gulp of mountain dew before sitting down to watch a movie, every scene i had to stand up and take a leak!. not to mention i couldnt pay attention to the movie 'cause i was BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS. that was fun.
BlueFusion8 years ago
Again, awesome Tetranitrate. I want pure caffeine too. However, interestingly enough, (at least in Australia) NoDoz tablets actually don't contain caffeine.
NoDoz tablets absolutely do contain caffeine in Australia; but do let me know if you find the pure stuff.
Couple of things I forgot:
Thinkgeek sells AWESOME SHIT... except on april fools day, then they have fake stuff. I'll let you find out for yourself.
Hmm, dense cylindrical object... *looks at pants* hmm...
Browncoat8 years ago
What's the purpose of the B12?
It's a vitamin that increases energy. In your body, though, it's in charge or energy, equilibrium, and a sense of balance. :)
cvillewill8 years ago
There's a website out there that tells you how much of you favorite beverage it would take for you to die of caffeine. Of course with most of the amounts it would be impossible to drink that much without having some werious bladder issues but nevertheless it's interesting. Here's the link. www.energyfiend.com/death-by-caffeine/
trebuchet038 years ago
So ya.... I was one of the 450mg guinea pigs.... I felt: 1. Agitated 2. Angry 3. Twitchy -- couldn't stop bouncing my leg 4. Lost appetite Mind you... My caffeine intake is low in general....
Sounds like you had a good time :-)
Tetranitrate (author)  Mitten8 years ago
He was punching puppies left and right. We tried to stop him, but that just made him angrier.
And the sound that makes me punch babies!
You're a really bad guinea pig for this. Soda has more than enough caffeine to make you keep trucking... I'd ask what you were thinking, but you're Trebuchet, so that explains everything! ;)
I once was bawlzy enough to take a gram of caffeine. It goes without explaining that it wasn't a fun night. i will never ever do it again and i am usuialy a caffeine heavyweight. in summation, Never exceed 500mg.
I regularly (pretty much daily) exceed 600mg, and I've never once wanted to kill a puppy. The level of reality that remains intact is still questionable though. Thank you for opening my eyes to the existence of straight caffeine. You may have just changed my life.
Tetranitrate (author)  technoplastique8 years ago
600 mg spread out over a day is nothing. If you take three, or four, of those pills at once (or make a really high strength jello shot) you will see the true effects of caffeine. The puppy directed rage is an inevitable consequence.
how many of those walgreens pils should b put in one batch for enuf energy to get the buzz in ur head? me and my buddy put some caffine powder in a 400mg power shot and ended with about 500 and i though i was gunna die
can u buy cafine if ur under 18?
Coffee8 years ago
This is a must-try. Mmm-mmm!
Stercus Fit8 years ago
My 2 cents on vitamin B12... A) The pills are rather expensive for vitamins. B) Not everyone can intake it as a pill (trust me, you'll know if you can't -- you will probably have seen the doctor about equilibrium issues). C) There is a version of liquid B12 out there. It wouldn't have much of a taste, but I can't imagine it would be cheap either. Liquid B12, besides the injectable kind, is pretty hard to find though (yes, I've looked for it). More (practically) useless information for ya. ;)
nopokerman8 years ago
I recall seeing estimated ld50 of caffeine being as low as 3g and as high as 20g when taken orally. People who don't know and can't be bothered to look up how caffeine can kill you should probably give this one a pass. That said... Great Idea! I am a regular user of caffeine in high doses, and I approve of this ingestion method!