wow, has it really been 3 years since i did an instructable?! amazing.. work and adulthood get in the way i suppose...well, almost a month ago i got notice that there was a bacon related contest.. and i had to be a part of it.. so heres my entry!

but i'm an engineer.. i cant cook anything that cant microwave.. and i figured i would share some fun with chemistry in making some homemade caffeinated bacon soap from scratch in your kitchen, if your brave..
Disclaimer: this instructable involves caustic chemicals.. multiple forms of drain cleaner.. and bacon.. due care should be taken to work in a well ventilated area, using rubber gloves and *goggles*.. the right kind, with splash resistant vents... in the case of working with strong acids or bases always have a plan to neutralize the spill.


don't fuck around and you'll be fine 

Step 1: Caffine

first we'll need some caffeine, and while you can buy it commercially as a pure powder for additives.. i think its cheating.. and its also probably a wildly dangerous temptation to keep just hanging around the kitchen.. so we'll need a source of caffeine, I'll be using the some off the shelf tea.. whatever is cheapest will work.. it really doesn't matter, we're only going to be taking the caffeine.

oh yeah, did i mention caffeine is in fact poisonous in high concentrations.. don't get any dumb ideas like licking the spoon, or spicing up your coffee.. you'll probably die.. and i will feel guilty.. and i don't want to feel guilty..
If your going to buy caffeine or if your planning on making the soap in bulk, its cheap..http://www.google.com/search?q=pure+anhydrous+caffeine

but in the next step i will show you how to extract it yourself. if you're going to buy caffeine, or if you don't want caffeinated soap.. skip to step 3.
This is a very good write up and very nice 'ible! Just as a reminder, please refrain from swearing on this site, even if it's not derogatory. <br /><br />Also, "Why was there BACON in the soap?!" :)
hehe, fair enough, you can replace the bacon grease with lard for just caffineated soap... but then you wouldn't smell like bacon. then whats the point?

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