Picture of Caffeinated Coffee Corset!
Feeling dull and dreary on your Monday morning, looking for a pick-me-up to make you feel sassy and smart? Look no further! The Caffeinated Coffee Corset is the perfect ensemble to energize you into the super sassy lady that you are!

Made entirely from coffee filters and embellished coffee grounds, this corset is full loaded with your daily dose of caffeinated style!
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Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
To make a sassy Coffee Corset, the following materials are needed:

dress form
hole punch
hot glue
3-5 containers of coffee filters
12 oz coffee grounds
rubber cement
saran wrap
wallpaper paste powder (available at Ace Hardware or True Value. you CANNOT get it at Lowe's or Home Depot)
small plastic bucket
grommet kit, size 0 (available at Lowe's or Home Depot for $6)
heavy paper
paper doilies (3” diameter)

Step 2: Protect the Dress Form!

Picture of Protect the Dress Form!
Start by wrapping the dress form in saran wrap to protect it from getting wet! Secure it with masking tape to make sure it doesn't come undone.

Step 3: Draw the Outline of Your Corset

Picture of Draw the Outline of Your Corset
Using a sharpie, draw out the desired shape that you want for your corset, marking the lines on both the top and bottom of corset, as well as how far apart you want the gap at center back.

Step 4: Dye Those Coffee Filters!

Picture of Dye Those Coffee Filters!
Boil a pot of water and let coffee grounds steep in water for thirty minutes. Add lots and lots of coffee filters to the boiling coffee mix and let them simmer for an additional twenty to thirty minutes, depending on darkness that you desire.

The longer you soak them, the darker they get!

Once they're done soaking, lay filters out and let them dry completely.

Step 5: Get Messy and Mix Some Wallpaper Paste!

Picture of Get Messy and Mix Some Wallpaper Paste!
Mix wallpaper paste according to directions, starting with a small plastic bucket of water and slowly adding the powder and mixing with hands until a gelatinous texture is achieved. Warm water helps it mix and solidify faster.

NOTE: wallpaper paste is completely non-toxic and entirely safe to use with bare hands. Feel free to wear latex gloves if you don’t want to get your fingers all goopy!
AmyDeiterick7 months ago

THIS IS PURELY AMAZING! I Plan to make this for a doll corset. I mean only thing that changes is the base..and I will resize the flitters and such for the doll..

jamifulton1 year ago

That is so interesting. I love it!!

linrodann2 years ago
Gosh, that's beautiful. Well done!
lugreen2 years ago
Utterly gorgeous!
ralema692 years ago
I just want to say how beautiful you are. This costume fits everything about you. Perfect style choice. Strictly being polite with my comment!
adawwington2 years ago
Tottaly making this!! way to be completly creative!
Love this!!!
This is really cool! Great job!
jlafay3 years ago
Congrats, this is amazing! Not only that but the woman modeling it is devastatingly beautiful.
bitsy1133 years ago
Absolutely awesome!! You should send one to Lady GaGa, if she will wear meet I'd almost bet she'd where this!! Very cool!!
chabias3 years ago
Gorgeous! I was shocked to read how it was made. At first, I thought maybe it was material stained with coffee. Unbelievable! 5*
GlasgowGeek3 years ago
After seeing this, i feel like a new woman. Must remember to get rid of the old one first though. :-)

Very creative!
triumphman3 years ago
I love my coffee (cappuccino) with whipped cream and cinnamon, but this takes the cake!
dangerine3 years ago
I missed a step here...did you add a stiff paper back to the back of the corset underneathe the coffee filters before you added the grommets?
No, the layer of filters was built up thick enough that she was probable able to simply place the non-corrugated cardboard under the wrong side. It's most likely the type of cardboard you find under notepads; less than a millimeter thick, slightly flexible, but strong. Well that or something else.
Positively genius! I love it! Worth its weight in coffee!!!!! the good kind!! I love it all.
JimsShip3 years ago
You need to get in touch with www.deadlygroundscoffee.com and audition to be a spokesmodel! (It's a new coffee company my friend started, and the roasts are almost as amazing as that instructable!)
Nice job!
menahunie3 years ago
You know what would you do when you get cream on it? LoL.
Cuitlahuac3 years ago
WOW, besides the beautiful retro-look style is so ingenious! zugabe, zugabe!
Petar923 years ago
Too hot! :)
lmnopeas3 years ago
So creative & breathtaking! I can't wait to share this.
Wildcattat3 years ago
absolutely fantastic! i love it and want one! well done!
mckeephoto3 years ago
Amazing piece. Great work and use of materials. Hmm... what to do with the Keurig cups now??
mygibzone3 years ago
Victoria Seceret DRINK your heart out! ;)
This is incredible. Soo beautiful, and until I read the description I had no clue it was made entirely from coffee filters!
flyingpuppy3 years ago
I just saw the list of materials you're working with. This is GENIUS!
flyingpuppy3 years ago
This would be a great outfit for the Hunger Games intro night. : )
This made my jaw drop. Stunning work.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Fun idea for a project! And, yet another reason I love coffee.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Fantastic. I'm so excited to see one of your projects in step-by-step format! This seriously makes me miss school. I love projects like this! Well done.
mygibzone3 years ago
First of all, I admire your talent. Secondly, gorgeous piece. Thirdly, stunning photography. Last, but not least you just proved to the world that glamore can come from a garbage can. WOW! Provo!
So beautiful! I don't know how you come up with your ideas, but I can't wait to see what else you make!
This is just gorgeous, I am stunned! The ruffles are just perfect.
Attmos3 years ago
thats awsome, and really hot. nice work.