Introduction: Caged Hearts

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What could be better on Valentines day than a Caged Heart for your sweetie.

Step 1: Stuff

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2c Sugar
1c corn syrup
Food coloring
Heart shaped cakes or cookies or brownies


Sauce pan
8x8 pan or smaller
Pop Stick
Heart shape pan or round bottom bowl
Candy Thermometer

Step 2: Prep the Pans

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Add tin foil to 6x8 pan and butter foil.

Butter bottom of heart shaped pan.

Step 3: Boil Boil Toil and (oops Not This Ibble)

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Heat the sugar and corn sugar until the thermometer reads between 295F and 300F. Hard crack stage.  If you drop some in cold water it will form brittle threads and make a cracking sound.  Which is fun to do and you can do that way if you don't have a candy thermometer.

Step 4: Add the Color and Flavor

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Remove Thermometer be careful its hot 300 degrees and covered in a sticky goo
Remove from heat and add coloring and flavoring

Step 5: Making the Cage

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Drizzle the syrup over the butter pans.  Careful! Caution! Hot Very hot sticky fluid!

And let cool

I found out that they un-molded  better when warm.

Step 6: Extra Hot Goo

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Pour all the leftover in the pan you lined with tin foil.

As it cools press a spatula into the goo to form lines.  Don't press all the way through.  You can re-melt some of this if the cages don't work out. Or break into drops for sucking.

Step 7:

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Well it takes some practice.  


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