Cajón (Drum Box)


Introduction: Cajón (Drum Box)

This Cajon is the perfect alternative to a drum set when room is an issue. It reproduces the sounds of the bass and snares beautifully.

Step 1: Assembly

Each piece of plywood was precisely cut and glued. Clamps were placed to on woodblocks that will support the snare wire. Snare wire was screwed into place. A cross was wood burned on the front. A light coat of stain was applied. The 4 inch hole amplifies the sound. Plywood becomes a musical instrument...



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    Nice job, good looking cajon. Just wondering if you can provide more details concerning the dimensions of the spacing between the snare wires and the tapa? I am in the process of building a similar style cajon and would appreciate your input. Thanks.

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    I have all the specs documented in a folder, but unfortunately we have just relocated and are waiting on completion of our house. Most of our belongings are in storage right now, including that particular folder. I will search through computer files to see if I can find anything there.

    OK, sounds good. I know what the location/storage process is like. Been there, done that. No rush or no big deal if you can't find it. Would save a me little time if the info should turn up. Thanks again.

    NIce project , color me stupid though , how does this work ? Thank you .

    The engraving is beuatiful . Is this a cnc router patern ?

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    A person sits on the box and when the top front is tapped it sounds like a snare drum. Hit it more in the center and it sounds like a bass drum. The sound can vary depending on how you hit it. Here's a link for an example.

    The image was burned on their with a simple wood burning tool. Thank you for your compliment.

    I really like this! Simple effort and machinery, yet not simple results.

    I made a Cajon a few years back. Beautiful instrument!