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Introduction: Cake Pops

will need:
a box of cake mix
can of icing
lollipop sticks
candy melts
other decorating items

Step 1: Bake Cake

Prepare cake according to box instructions
Let cool

Step 2: Mix Cake With Icing

Crumble cake into large bowl
Mix with 3/4 can of icing
Mixture should be moist enough to maintain a ball shape (1 inch diameter)
Roll into balls

Step 3: Freeze

Put balls in freezer for 15 mins, or fridge for several hours.

Step 4: Melt Candy Melts in Dipping Bowl

melt at medium temperature for 30 second intervals until liquified

Step 5: Finishing

put the cake balls on sticks and dip

Step 6: Wait to Dry

after they are dry eat and enjoy
(optional) decorate



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    How did you decorate them? This is a great idea and l really like the decoration part but how do you do it?

    1 reply

    Probably used either jell, colored fondant, or an icing marker for the face, and fondant for the wings/feet/nose.

    What size can did you use/ how much would that be in cups because l don't really buy icing... Thanks!

    another member made these a long time ago and they look pretty much exactly like yours