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How to make cake pops!
Made famous by Bakerella and ubiquitous by Starbucks, cake pops are the latest trend in dessert culture.  Here I walk you through the steps to make your own cake pops at home!  Whether you use homemade or store-bought cakes and icing, you can still customize these adorable treats to your heart's content.  Decorate them for any occasion!  The process may be time consuming (be patient!) but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Just to make it a bit easier, I've provided links to everything I used in this recipe - or something similar!



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elg19736 years ago
Hey, we tried this at home and found that donut holes (the round donuts, plain or glazed) worked just as well as making your own cake into balls. :) It was great! We made ducks/chicks because that's my boy's favorite animal... but then branched out into tigers, hedgehogs, and sunshines! Very fun craft/snack - I will be making more.
scoochmaroo (author)  elg19736 years ago
Oh Oh!! Please do post pictures if you have any! (if not, a good reason to make more!) I recommended donut holes to Cyan.sidy as well. I'm so glad it worked!

really looking very yummy

It worked great - so well, our son almost wouldn't eat these! He enjoyed cuddling the first ones for a while, then picked all the frosting off before biting it. :)
Funtimes 021.jpgFuntimes 028.jpg
myluv4julz3 years ago
My chick pops for Easter turned out soo cute and delicious! I molded the wings out of the cake, Everyone loved them!
Once you have rolled all the cake mix into balls, place in refrigerator and chill for about 30 minutes. When the cake balls have been chilled, melt a small amount of the candy melts in a microwave safe bowl according to package directions. Take one of the sticks, dip about 1/2 inch of the end into the melted candy and stick it about half to three-quarters of the way through the cake ball. Don’t go too far into the cake ball, or it will fall apart. The candy melts will help adhere the stick to the cake.
foxcxlaydee4 years ago
I just started in June and having so much fun giving it as gifts and baby shower. Hope you like some of my creations! And they called it Puppy Love!
278479_10150236366624005_658664004_7621262_45987_o.jpgDSC07357.JPGPiggying around.JPGDSC07318.JPG
I'm wondering what you are using to make your decorations? (the ears, eyes, etc.) Is this just melted almond bark? and do you need to do this when you are putting on the initial coat of chocolate. I would love to try making some of these for my son's birthday party.
Thank you!
I use confetti for cakes that I find in stores. Some stores like Michaels have specialty confettis just for cake pops. I use that confetti for the cat ears. As for the drawn on eyes and whiskers, I used black candy writer and hand drawn it in with the tube it comes in. Gotta have steady hand. You can also use toothpicks for define marks like the puppy muzzle. You can buy the candy writer on amazon.com or you can go to Michaels and Chef Duff brand sales it. Another way is to get white candy melts and use wilton frosting color on it (feels like paint). Do not use regular coloring!
Thank you very much for the information - it is very helpful! Now I just hope I can do it myself!
No problem. If you have facebook, you can follow me and what I make on www.facebook.com/kaylahkreations and message me there for tips. Webpage is work in progress so I haven't post all my photos there yet hahaha. I don't always check this site.
I tried your link for facebook and it told me there was no such page. Is there another way I can find you there?
These are fantastic! How do you get your cake pops so perfectly round? mine always look a bit lumpy or off shape. Your's look amazing
I use cookie scooper or tablespoon so shape is the same. It takes practice to roll it with your palms. Try not to apply so much pressure and make sure your cake ball is moist with the frosting so it is easy to roll. Making the ball cold in the freezer or fridge before dipping to help maintain the shape. You can also check out my site if you want more tips. http://kaylahkreations.blogspot.com/
halley4 years ago
I was inspired too! Check out my chickies!
makendo4 years ago
Thanks - here's our Thanksgiving turkey :)
S1895 years ago
I couldn't get my coating smooth no matter what I tried (melts or regular chocolate chips), even added a little bit of oil to try make it more loose but it didnt work, so I gave up trying to make the faces or cute chicks (so wanted to make the smiley faces! :( couldn't tho). So i settled for just dipped and decorated. Made these for last Christmas, everyone loved them.
komecake5 years ago
  ALL DONE! :)
 I had a bit of trouble getting the candy coating on, so it's really lumpy, but they taste good and I had fun making them. I can't wait to do them again with a homemade cake and some real decorating! Thanks! :)

alucci2126 years ago
my friend and i made these just for fun the other day but instead of cute chicks we made cute zombies, aliens and robots! we got the inspiration from the chick with its head cut off!! thanks for the great idea!!!
Picture 1.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 3.pngPicture 4.png
ha, cool
scoochmaroo (author)  alucci2126 years ago
These are fantastic!!!! I would totally want to eat them.
starmanz6 years ago
Fantastic Instructable! Thanks so very much. I made a batch of 'pops' for my son's 6th birthday party tomorrow. I did half with a vanilla cake mix and the other half with a double choc cake mix. The candy coating has a 'mind of its own' (!) and I gave up trying to make it pretty, instead going for the maximum sugar content and any kind of sprinkles I could attach! The kids will love 'em anyway and it makes such a welcome change to the boring old cake served up at all the other kid parties! Thanks again :)
scoochmaroo (author)  starmanz6 years ago
Oh my gosh!!! Those look so great! I love that you covered the block with aluminum foil. I bet they loved them!!
kikigrace1 month ago
MontserratA1 month ago

How many cake pops does one box of cake mix make?

Ironvan002 months ago

hey we tried this at home and found that donut holes (the round donuts, plain or glazed) worked just as well as making your own cake into balls.) it was great! we made ducks/chicks because that's my boy's favorite animal... but then branched out into tigers, hedgehogs, and sunshines! very fun craft/snack i will be making more

waggy1011 year ago

Just want to warn all of you that if you use frosting instead of candy melts it doesnt taste very good. (I was at a 4h event and it was one of the things that someone brought for snacks for everyone)

I Love these!
Koryu6 years ago
Lol, I had to do it.
Untitled-1 copy.jpg
Haha that's great
Haha that's great!
kwong10 Koryu4 years ago
Haha Awesome!
Shany120 Koryu4 years ago
Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost peed my pants there!!!!!
how dare you. you made me laugh so hard i blacked out! UUUGGHHH!!!!!!
komecake Koryu5 years ago
  So saved to my funny picture section. Haha.
red-king Koryu5 years ago
LMAO Thats awsome!!
Nikki213 Koryu6 years ago
cpoh3 years ago

Does ur chocolate coating melt easily? I want to wrap it and give it to someone but I found my white chocolate melt.

Is it bcos I use e wrong type of chocolate?
Apxeon3 years ago
You could also try using a small round ice cream scoop, or a cookie dough scoop to get it into similar -ish sizes
JDMac1743 years ago
This is a good idea... again, not for me with the bad teeth, but the kids would love these.
WUVIE3 years ago
Oh, my gosh. These are simply adorable!
I love the size of cake pops - very appropriate for kids without overdoing it on the sugar ... unless they eat 10. We had posted a link to the great bakerella Bluebird cake pop tutorial on thecupcakespot.net. We'll post pictures soon of our efforts.
scoochmaroo (author)  Thecupcakespot3 years ago
Cool! I look forward to seeing it.
nlowrie13 years ago
I made each pop different for a Baby Shower. I tried to make them look like rattles. Suggest to those who say the pop falls off the stick... push stick into ball and then pull stick out... dip it into frosting and stick back in the hole. Also be sure to either freeze or refrigerate for minimum of two hours or more. Some melt brands seem to melt smoother then others. I had to throw out the white choc. melts I bought from the grocery store. The ones I bought at a candy store worked soooo much better! The temp. of the melted choc. makes all the difference too. Trying to reheat the melts in the microwave doesn't work too well. It burns so fast. I liked using the hot water under my bowl of melts like a double boiler.
These are easy once you get the hang of it!
Endless possibilities of decorating!
kcrall nlowrie13 years ago
Thank you! This was something I was specifically wondering about. I seen other posts about all these issues and you covered them all! :)
scoochmaroo (author)  nlowrie13 years ago
Excellent tips. Would love to see pictures!
Can I use store bought iceing to do the pop cakes ? I have so much of it and I really would like to do this with my small children. Please help me here.
sarah lou3 years ago
ive been making cake pops for a few weeks now and love it but im frustrated as when ive dipped the cake pop into the chocolate melts air bubbles are forming and when they burst oil seeps from the hole does anyone know why this is happening and how i can resolve the problem?
lozzie_pie6 years ago
hmm... slight problem... i dont think u can get "candy melts" in australia
Try wilton.com or joann.com to order them online
i think i saw some at spotlight yesterday
Almond bark, AKA, white chocolate is the same thing with a few drops of food coloring.
flash4134 years ago
How would you decorate a soccer ball? I have a friend I'd love to do this for!

Also, anyone have any ideas for how to make Mickey on a stick?

Love these ideas, thanks!!
I bought a mickey mold on amazon for 2.99. I haven't used it yet but it is a good sized mold
MommaCook3 years ago
If you want smooth round balls the easy way, you can just cheat and buy a Babycakes pop maker. It makes donut holes too. It's a lot faster than having to mix and mold everything by hand. This is a great tool for me being a traveling working mom. It let's me do projects like this with my young daughters whenever I am home. You can get it at several websites. But my husband just went to Kohl's and got one. He actually found the device for me! Lol! They have other devices too on their babycakes web site. I love it for making the simple balls and the donut holes. I've asked for their pie pops maker for this Christmas. Maybe Santa will be nice this year. As far as the coating the oil or the shortening are good tips and work well, but don't re-heat it in the microwave after the intial melt. Put it in a melting pot instead. I've found a double boiler actually works a lot better than anything though. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the tip about babycakes pop maker. Working full-time and home-schooling leaves little time to make everything from scratch, and this will definetly be a time-saver, while still permitting me to spend quality-time with my kids in the kitchen! :)
lalapopgirl3 years ago
These are my Super Bowl cake pops! My daughter and I had so much fun creating this!
SuperBowl Cake Pops.jpg
Being in Australia, I'm happy to say we have this awesome stuff called Copha..which is a vegetable shortening made from coconut oil.
A little bit added to chocolate while melting it makes it really smooth, and thin enough to give a perfectly smooth coat. If you put too much in, you might need a couple coats. So 30g of copha to 200g of chocolate and its perfect!
Copha sets not QUITE as hard as chocolate, which makes it easier to eat at room temp..but hard when refrigerated.
um..I'm told that you can get Copha from Wholefood's over in the states...wouldn't recommend Crisco..yucky!
These are some cake balls I did with white chocolate melts, and copha mix. Two coats. Am going to try putting sticks in them next time!
See, another reason to love Australia. :)
Oh yes..Copha..yet another reason why Australia is the lucky country..lol
i am looking for some pics of anything decorated disney its for a cupcake tower or the cake pops look good too. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this done please let me now
I have made cake pops many times before, and in order to get the candy melts not super lumpy, you need to add about two tablespoons of vegetable shorting. This thins out the candy and prevents it from hardening too quickly. :)
angelabchua3 years ago
:::clicking imaginary "I Made It" Button::::

Thanks Sarah. Made these for a holiday party thing and they were a hit!
reindeer cake pops.jpg
angelabchua3 years ago
:::clicking imaginary "I Made It" Button

Thanks Sarah. Made these for a holiday party thing and they were a hit!
reindeer cake pops.jpg
uuuh whats a candy melt?
lunabean4 years ago
I have made a bunch of different ones but here are pics of the banana chocolate peanut butter and the chocolate peanut. I think my fav so far are the pina coloda ones rolled in toasted coconut.
choc pb banana.jpgchoc peanut butter.jpg
for the pina coloda cake pops, what flavor cake mix and icing did you use. would appreciate any other flavor combinations you tried and liked also, thinking of making an assortment of these in a box (without the stick) for Christmas gifts. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
scrumptious :P
These look and sound too divine for words! I just have two questions.... I want to make a batch for Halloween, and am trying to make life easier... Where I live it is impossible to get candy melts or frosting in a jar. Could I use dulce de leche instead of frosting? And could I use royal icing instead of the melts? Using and coloring white chocolate would become very pricy! I want to make mini pumpkins... Many thanks for a fantastic party pleaser!
scoochmaroo (author)  Jessie Starlight3 years ago
I would recommend a homemade cream cheese frosting over dulce de leche, but you might be able to get away with it.  If royal icing will set up hard enough, then yes. For the Halloween pops I made, I used fondant to cover them.
I love these cake pops! Thanks for the info.
I didn't think this would be so difficult but I just couldn't get my choc to bee thing enough to dip...also my cake balls were prob too big. I gave up...I'll try again another time. Totally blaming myself. Still tasted yummy all falling apart though!
if you add a tablespoon of shortening to your melts it will help to keep it smooth and runny. :) this always works for me
scoochmaroo (author)  ILuvBaking794 years ago
It is very difficult! Be patient with yourself. This was a super messy, challenging project for me too.
I can't get all my pops smooth! What am I doing wrong? They are lumpy.
shaskins3 years ago
A side-note, if you roll counter-clockwise, you generally end up with a more round ball. Dunno why it is, but it's the truth.
(I might have it backwards, but basically, if you roll and it feels "natural", go the other way)

This also works in making fondant balls with NO seams/wrinkles. It's interesting!
jboggs24 years ago
How do you keep the pops on the stick?? Every time I try this they all fall off the stick. I've only had 1 good batch...becoming very discouraged!!
Keep them in Freezer...and I dipped my stick in Choc before sticking it in
Shingalana4 years ago
For those having problems dipping smoothly: place your bowl of melted candy melts or chocolate over another bowl which is filled with very warm/hot water. It'll keep your melted yumminess warm and thus smooth.
WUVIE4 years ago
Alright, it's final. I'm hooked. These are simply adorable!

Thank you for sharing this, I hope to be able to make some soon.
Even though my kids are now grown and moved out, surely I
can squeeze in some baking and delivering time.

instruct394 years ago
i saw this instructable a little while a go and just the other day i saw a commercial for the same thing! i was suprised to see that some one had coppied from instructables, and at the 38 second mark they show the chick shape as shown here!

here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8s8s9Ot2cA 
TahoeWolfe4 years ago
Are these cake pops suppose to be gooey and almost raw like consistancy? Yuck? I guess there are people who like raw cookie dough. Is that what the consistancy is suppose to be like? Just asking.
Don't put the whole frosting container in because it'll make it gooey. Put 1/4 of the carton and add more if you think you like it with more frosting.
scoochmaroo (author)  TahoeWolfe4 years ago
Nothing raw about these (unless they've been undercooked)! They should taste like cake + frosting, dipped in chocolate :D
olivesimons4 years ago
HOW do you get the candy coating smooth? I can't figure it out. I've tried adding oil and it thins it out but not smooth. Is it not hot enough? HELP!
Try putting half a tablespoon of shortening, that's what I do. You can put more depending on the consistency you like.
I believe Hobby Lobby has them!
Thank you so much for teaching me! The first day I made cake ploppers. They fell right off the lolly stick. Today, I have cake pops! Having difficulty adding photos. I will blog it later tonight.
I never knew how much I liked to work with chocolate. Thanks!
jenntastic4 years ago
What do you stick the cake pops in while you are decorating...?
I used my collinder turned upside down on the counter =) worked great.
dcantu4 years ago
4th of July ---- SMOKE BOMBS!! red, green, yellow.... with a wick hanging out!!!
dcantu4 years ago
Party City has them, I think Walmart does too.
does anybody know if they turn out better not freezing the sticks in?
NO! I did that and while I dipped the cake lolis in, the stick fell off and I struggled fixing it....Let's just say I "cleaned" my hands.
BatAndOwl4 years ago
UGH! I am making them now, as I speak, and discovered we have no lollipop sticks OR icing (sad, I know), so I am using straws for sticks and peanut butter as my "icing". The peanut butter actually worked, it made my Betty Crocker cake stick! Ah, I am SO cheap!
awoodbury4 years ago
Thanks to all in this discussion. I followed many of your advice and made cake pops for my son's boy scout lego racing pack meeting. They were a hit! My first attempt flopped. All the heads came off the stick. But I followed Bakerella's how to video and it worked perfectly. Not to much frosting. Freezer fro 15 minutes, then refrigerate until ready to dip. use a coffee mug to dip so you can immerse without having to swirl the stick. Lay stick on cup rim and tap your other hand on your alternative wrist to gently get choc off. Then keep at room tempature to harden. Good stuff.
komecake5 years ago
  I'm cheap and didn't want to spend $8 on a piece of strofoam so I did without... now I realize why I really needed it! Crap... I have some old pieces of wood in the garage. I'm thinking about drilling holes in some.... haha. I hope it works! I'm cheap. :P

 Pictures once I'm done if they don't suck! 
Ladee komecake4 years ago
Save your money...use an egg carton to stick pops into; cardboard or styrofoam, but the styrofoam ones may work better. :-)
pepsi lover4 years ago
I am thinking of making these for my sons birthday party. I have never done them before but thanks to all your great tips I am going to try.LOL My question is does anyone have any ideas to go with a Mad Science theme. Does anyone have any people picture ones that I could make look like a mad scientist????
you should make cake pop eye balls.
Those are so cute! Im thinking about making easter eggs, chicks, and bunnies for easter! It reminds me of those cake pops from starbucks, lol. Nice job!
I have never seen these or heard of these anywhere on earth, yet it is an invention long overdue. Thank you humanity for giving me one more reason to enjoy living!!!! CAKE on STICKS!
nanosec124 years ago
Awesome Instructable, I am so glad it got featured AGAIN !!!

My daughters birthday is coming up, I think we may end up making these instead of cupcakes

I'm going to do this for a friends baby shower!! Hello Kitty Pops here I come!
DIYDragon4 years ago
These are super cute. I'm going to have to try making some of these. But perhaps not chickens. :)
I love all your awesome instructables! SUBSCRIBED!

Keep up the SWEET work!
leahjo4 years ago
Koryu, I crack up every time I see your poster. You're so funny.
Under Step 1, don't you mean "cheep" shipping? Sorry, had to... anyway.... great 'ible, thanks for posting.
lizzyirish4 years ago
If you are having trouble trying to get the candy coating to coat smoothly on to your cake ball you can try this idea. It worked really well for me.
Freeze the cake balls all the way through.
when you melt the candies mix in 3 tbsp of veg oil. I would use one whole bag of candy melts.
the consistency will be just right and it will still dry quickly.

do all the same instructions as before and it should work out great!
make sure when done, to put the cake balls in the refrigerator.
I made these in the past week as a dessert for my wife's belated birthday. Mine were a lot bigger than these, they were a little smaller than a baseball! They were super easy to make, it also marked my first time baking! I am going to try and make some for Halloween as pumpkins!
scoochmaroo (author)  TheRealZeeboo4 years ago
Wow, very ambitious for your first time! Make sure you take some pictures of your pumpkins to share with us :D
Ambitious yes. Fun, oh yeah! I had a real blast baking! I can't wait to do more of it. I will post pics once I get them done.
hi i'm new in this page and i don't know how to get the recipe...can anyone help me....please email me @ jinky2_amzn@yahoo.com thank you...I want to learn this so much!!!
jonnybo1114 years ago
it would be good if you made 'em lok like loli pops!
Beangc4 years ago
Help: I've been having problem getting the cake pops to stay on the stick while dipping in the chocolate. I've dipped the stick in the chocolate first, let it set for a while, and it keeps breaking apart. Any hints you guys could share would be great!

You basically copied these from here.

That's just low schooch

I didn't expect that from you
scoochmaroo (author)  cherishcherub5 years ago
You should read the part of the Instructable where I credit Bakearella and provide a link to her article.
inspiration is different to ctrl-c, ctrl-v
scoochmaroo (author)  cherishcherub5 years ago
I'm sorry you feel that way. There's nothing copy and pasted here. A friend sent me some pictures and I wanted to try my hand at making some. Later on someone sent me the direct link to Bakerella, and I included it.
fair enough

i apologise if i offended you
Zion_Sphere5 years ago
awesome, I'm gonna make some zombie heads on a stick now, thanx for the inspiration
cutekitten5 years ago
too cute to eat!
oooo, for halloween, you could inject jelly into the middle of them, and decorate them like eyeballs. when people bite into them, you got BLEEDING EYEBALLS!!HAHAHAHA!!!
Instead of injecting the jelly, form the cake balls around frozen jelly centers.
 it would be kinda hard to get a jelly sphere and then freeze it

Why not just get an ice cube tray thats spherical? Like this one :) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0019IJJI6/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_3?pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B001CDB878&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1TTBXVMX451XACYHEJB9
make the jelly in hemiphere moulds, when they are set stick halves together(bottom hemishere still in mould) and then freeze.
Liquid nitrogen would fix that right up.
 true, but it wouldn't really be an instructable, more like a "if-you-can-get-your-hands-on-it-able"

Sure, but it would be very satisfyingly gratuitous.

i love the way you think.
that is a freakin awesome idea!!!!!!!!
That is an awesome idea, I will have to try it...
terrific idea... ;o)
that is the best idea in the world ever! so doing that. how about pumpkins as well?
I can't find these at my grocery store but i once did cupcakes that needed a nice smooth look so i just melted frosting instead..
Make some pokeballs! And other round-themed pokemon!
POKEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clefairies maybe.....?
kcls5 years ago
the cake is in the oven now, and I was just wondering how long you keep the balls'o'cake in the fridge for. (its banana cake)
scoochmaroo (author)  kcls5 years ago
An hour perhaps.  You want it to be nice and cool when you try to ball it all up.  Then more time in the fridge before  - freezer even - will help them stay on the sticks while you dip them.

How did you get your chocolate perfectly even? I am typing this as we are putting the chocolate on them, and one just fell off the stick! I think we are going to put them back into the freezer for a little (or lot) longer. It seems like the two that we did (out of three so far) that didn't fall off are drying a little smoother, but they are still a bit lumpy. here are the two good ones and the one that fell off. I bet you can guess where that one went real quick! (the second one is sideways, sorry!)
frenzy kcls5 years ago
This posting has won today's "I Made It" Challenge. For winning you will receive a 3 month pro membership!

Thanks for using instructables!

scoochmaroo (author)  kcls5 years ago
Oh no!
This happened to me too at first.

Try keeping them in the freezer right up until you're about to dip them maybe?
And you can double coat them to make them prettier too.  But then you get a pretty high chocolate :cake ratio. 
suesbarn5 years ago
Very cute! i just made some gluten free cake balls. They were delicious, but i couldn't get them perfectly smooth and beautiful like yours!

practice! I know I would have trouble making them at all!
beans86045 years ago
 these tasted great, I couldnt get the candy coating as smooth as yours, but it was awesome anyway. Thanks for posting!
really adorable thank you for sharing!!!
imrobot5 years ago
I'm going to annoy you about this again:

If you still have the package from the candy melts or know can find a bag, can you do me a favor?  Look on the package for a kosher symbol like a circle with a U in it or a o with a K in it or an a strange backward C with a K in it.  These are the major kosher symbols. All the site says it's kosher. It may not be a reliable kosher certification. errr... it's confusing


mechcem6 years ago
Gir's Pig as a cake pop!


  Omg... do ittttttt.
that. would. be. awesome!
imbignate6 years ago
I think that eyeballs at Halloween with reddish cake would be great, as said above. At Christmas I'd go with snowman heads or Christmas ornaments. Forth July 4th I'm not really sure what you could do, aside from doing red-white-and blue coatings, and I'd definitely go with hearts for Valentine's day. These would also be great for any kid birthday.
GAboy imbignate5 years ago
For the Fourth of July you could shape it like a fire cracker and use black shoelace licorice as a wick
scoochmaroo (author)  imbignate6 years ago
Yeah, they'd be great as baseballs or soccer balls. I'm even considering doing a whole solar system!
Anybody feel like a taste of the sun? I swear it's not a basketball on a stick.
these are really cute! But ,for Christmas, you could make them squares and make them look like presents!(just an idea) great job :)
komecake J_SCAP5 years ago
  GREAT idea! :)
hoolio5 years ago
Odyssey beat me to it. I was going to say super cute but you should cite your inspiration - especially if entering into the food blog world. Hard to pass off things as your own. It's worth noting that thekitch. credits Bakerella



I guess flckr photos are available to the public. 


scoochmaroo (author)  hoolio5 years ago
Yeah, she's been credited heavily in the comments.

crumpet325 years ago
I am going to cheat and use donut holes from the donut shop...:)  Not quite as sweet but I just have to frost them...:)  Ty for the great idea tho. :)
Kryptonite5 years ago
Why have I not clicked this before!?!

They're adorable! Wonderous! Cakey! Mmm... nice job 5/5.
geenahhh5 years ago
This is the food of the gods.
cepedigo5 years ago
those look really good who would have thought of that???!!! try injecting with icing, chocolate or jello :)
mof2boyz5 years ago
Any suggestions as to "Bowling Ball Cake Pops"????
I'm thinking it's all in the decorating.  Those would be great!
bonnibel5 years ago
love it!
Mine keep falling apart. :( And I can't seem to get my daggern candy coating to go on smooth!
Using baked brownie mix without the frosting would simplify this and make it easier for you to form balls since a good brownie mix is sticky anyway. (Of course make sure you use a good sticky brownie mix since some brownie mixes are more like cake mix than brownie mix.)

Your coating not going on smooth may possibly be due to the temperature of your coating or possibly the cake-mixture is too crumbly-- can't be sure. Try a few layers instead of just the one and you may get a smoother coat effect.

If you want to spend the extra money you can also make cake pops by purchasing small cake molds from Wilton and not using the frosting mixed in. They make half-egg shapes, small squares as well as other shaped silcone baking pans. They also have several books with ideas for brownie-pops using their molds.

Using brownie-mix reduces the need to mix the cake with frosting so the sweetness factor will not be as extreme. If necessary-- cream cheese with a small bit of sugar and vanilla added can be used instead of frosting if a frosting binder is desired but the extreme-sweet factor is not.

Another idea is to use a bit of jello before it gels to mix in the cake (instead of frosting) to bind it. of course this would be messier and I can't say how much jello to use or even if it would work. This might not be a good idea unless you are into experimentation so just take this idea as me thinking aloud.

But try a good sticky brownie mix and see if you have better results forming your balls. Good luck!
bananaskate5 years ago
-SO- awesome, making a bunch of halloween themed heads :)
I might try that suggestion of frozen jelly centers...
it only makes sense that if you bite into a mummy/zombie head it oozes a bit of gore. Also thinking of utilizing some food coloring for pumpkins, skulls, ghosties, and whatever else I can think of... Thanks for the super awesome instructable!
imrobot5 years ago
If you still have the package from the candy melts can you do me a favor?  Look on the package for a kosher symbol like a circle with a U in it or a o with a K in it OR an a strange backward C with a K in it  this are the major kosher symbols. all the site says it's kosher it may not be a reliable kosher certification. errr... it's confusing

om nom nom nom nom
ItsTheHobbs5 years ago
lol + yum

arishka6 years ago
Wanted to say that I'm definitely doing the christmas ornament idea for my little girl's 4th birthday. How clever are these!
arishka6 years ago
And for that die-hard hunter man of yours (I live in Montana and know a few), how about making Elk Poop Pops. Chocolate droppings with raisins for added texture. lol
xproplayer6 years ago
how is eating a whole one so bad i could do it pretty easy
sailoriffic6 years ago
I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The one and only Bakerella, to my knowledge, is the baking genius who came up with the idea of cake pops. Check out her blog for lots more cute and tasty cake pop ideas, as well as cupcakes and all things yummy- http://bakerella.blogspot.com/
and the original post for cake pops can be found here-http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2008/01/dont-lick-bite.html
Not true. My husband's grandmother made these when he was a kid, and he's 21. :)
actually, if you look at one of the other comments they mention that these are really just rumballs on a stick without the rum.
scoochmaroo (author)  sailoriffic6 years ago
The original idea came to me from my friend Stacey, but the images I used for these did come from the web.
Please see my response to Odysey's comment below.
peeviech6 years ago
I love the instructable and also you blogg. I really wanna try these out but what kind of frosting/icing should be used? Where I live, you can't buy it and so I need to make it myself. Is it glaze or buttercream frosting or...? Thanks in advance and I think I'm gonna bake your lemon bars tommorow, Lisa
scoochmaroo (author)  peeviech6 years ago
Thank you! If you can't get the candy melts, the best thing to use is chocolate. You want the coating to melt and re-harden, which is why buttercream isn't the best. You could try fondant. I have a great recipe for that, which I haven't gotten around to posting yet. . . Let me know if you want it. But "candy coating" is much the same consistency as chocolate. Good luck!
Ok, I just watched your Martha Stewart show and so I know now that you used cream cheese frosting for your cake mash-up. Hopefully I can throw my mum out of the kitchen to try the recipe Anyway I'm going to bake the lemon cake right now... Thanks for the great recipes
She actually wasn't the one who was on Martha. The original poster of this was Bakerella (The one who appeared on Martha). You can find her blog at: http://bakerella.blogspot.com.
dozerinis6 years ago
Absol6 years ago
Thanks for the info... This may work for my project too... n_n You Cake Lollipops Master! n_n
Ekzile6 years ago
instead of "my head hurts" you should have said "zombies".
was up dawg
chucytbear6 years ago
what about brownie pops?
JJRsMomma6 years ago
This is an awesome idea! I love trying new recipes and this seems so easy! Thanks for sharing. :-)
tevers946 years ago
I tried it... but failed horrible. I think the chocolate i melted was to hot, when i dipped it in the chocolate, it fell off and it made a big mess. So we basically just ate the leftover chocolate chip things.
hydrnium.h26 years ago
Geez, from the picture it looked like one of the chicks had half it's head blown off and the brains were showing. Zombie Chick
These are directly ripped off of Bakerella's website where she gives detailed instructions on how to do a variety of cake pops. Her website is: http://bakerella.blogspot.com/

this is the direct link to the page this instructable copies:

she does a wide variety of cute cake pops for every occasion. check it out!
mmmmmmmmmmmm, yum yum, might try my hand at these this weekend
firefliie6 years ago
ok i have issues finding candy melts easily...is there a subsitute to use that's easier to find? none of my local stores have them. i live in a teeny tiny town, 2 hours away from a city, 30 min away from the nearest wal-mart, so we dont have the best stores. anyway would melting candy corn work? it looks delicious
I am sure that they are made by a company called "Wilton" try looking at their website. I get mine from a store here called "The Bulk Barn"
scoochmaroo (author)  firefliie6 years ago
In that case, I would stick with the links I included. Or look for something called "chocolate bark" or "candy bark"
that is so cool have to make them sometime thanks so much sorry what are candy melts
In New Zealand we would call them chocolate melts, or chocolate buttons. Wilton is a brand that makes them in several colours. To get their easy melting properties though the taste differs slightly from regular chocolate.
I believe they are these little cake things that after you follow your directions, they turn into a liquid candy that melts?
natasza6 years ago
beautifully done ! props to you ! :)
I don't deal well with unnecessary complications. I'd get to step 2 and just eat it out of the bowl with a spoon... X-/
chatline7896 years ago
so sad the little brains are fallin out.
Plasmana6 years ago
That is a really cool idea, I must try that some times soon..
merillo56 years ago
Awesome idea !! I can't wait to start experimenting.
Sorta looks like brains when you take a bite out of it. I like it.
it mixes alot nicer if you add the icing and mush it up while the cake is still warm c: i love these ive been makin em for years.. GREAT Instructable.
carljunjun6 years ago
Hey! I like this idea!
what if im too lazy to make the cake thing can i just buy the munchkins from dunkin doughnuts???
Opcom6 years ago
Upon seeing step 7, I am convinced. I want one. Or a pan of them. I will ask the cook to try this, perhaps leaving the decorations to Cooks' discretion and unique talents. I beleive the whole family would be pleased, especially if it is a surprise after dinner.
chuCraft6 years ago
I wonder if this could be done with brownies without mixing them with icing. I've seen other recipes where brownies can be shaped while still warm. Either way, these look great!
Gotta Have My Pops!!!
eblisster6 years ago
I could see making these into little planet earths on a stick to celebrate earth day.
scoochmaroo (author)  eblisster6 years ago
OMG!! I wish I had thought of that a couple days ago! What a great idea!
Cyan.sidy6 years ago
Do you think a donut hole would work, to speed up the process?
scoochmaroo (author)  Cyan.sidy6 years ago
Definitely! Check out the winning instructable Eyeballs on Forks
lemonie6 years ago
Oooh - I like them!


sugar hurts my teeth...,
We made these without the sticks and called them rum balls. You can add rum flavoring or coconut flavoring to the smushed up cake. Then dip them in melted chocolate.
scoochmaroo (author)  holidayinnandout6 years ago
Post! Post!
Comanchee6 years ago
Wow that is sooo cool! I want 1!
At Liberty6 years ago
tofu16 years ago
lol, this is a cute idea! thanks for bring it to our attention!
Ezara6 years ago
Those are so cute and impressive! Maybe your idea of using chocolate next time (especially perhaps with a more bitter-chocolate frosting) would make them taste a little less sweet. Great Instructionable anyway!
cabrlamo6 years ago
I like this idea. This would be great for a birthday party or baby shower! I will definitely have t otry this.
hlpme6 years ago
Neat project! Going to try it some low sugar varieties -lots of diabetics at my job. I'm also going to dip them in shredded coconut.
scoochmaroo (author)  hlpme6 years ago
Tell me how they turn out! I'm trying to cut out sugar too, but I haven't done any experimenting yet.
jianqiang6 years ago
How do these taste? Is it really like a lollipop on the outside or is it like cake covered with starburst?
scoochmaroo (author)  jianqiang6 years ago
Hm. . like a really soft, squishy cake covered in white chocolate.
SUPER CUTE! I've made cake balls before, but never did I decorate them.
I love these! Especially the fat one that's coming out of the egg!
capricorn6 years ago
Right in time for the Birthday of my penguin Brother in two weeks :) Thanks mate :)
for some reason, those remind me of raw meatballs lol nice job though
SoapyHollow6 years ago
Oh, those are so adorable! You did a fantastic job decorating them!
scoochmaroo (author)  SoapyHollow6 years ago
Thank you thank you! I should have included a picture of my first two practice ones. They were scaaaary.
diddumz6 years ago
These look great, gonna make a bunch for a party this weekend ( or maybe just for me)
akinich6 years ago
i can eat it in one bite
Doctor What6 years ago
Absolutely cute. Awesomely.
ChrysN6 years ago
Wow, they look cute and delicious!
oh man.... i gotta get ingredients!
scoochmaroo (author)  italiantoast6 years ago
Make sure to post pictures of your results here!
Odyssey6 years ago
It's great to see these up on Instructables, but wouldn't it be good form to offer credit and a courtesy link to Bakerella, the originator of the 'cake pop' concept? http://bakerella.blogspot.com

After all, in addition to 'inventing' them, as it were, she also offers tutorials for them (e.g. http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2009/03/spring-chickens.html ).
scoochmaroo (author)  Odyssey6 years ago
Cool! I saw these first on thekitchn.com, then on flickr. Is this the original link? Thanks!
That looks delicious.
samuraijenn6 years ago
Those are super adorable! However, I'd feel really, really bad making the cake pink. That first photo reminds me of an zombie chick with it's head half-gone from a shotgun. But then again...I'm weird.
scoochmaroo (author)  samuraijenn6 years ago
that was the intent. Well, that he had his head bitten off more than shot off. But the pink was intentionally used to make it look like brains inside.