Step 3: Ball it Up

Picture of Ball it Up
Once it's nice and cool, you'll want to start rolling it into balls.

This is really baker's choice - how big, what shape and how to make them.

I don't have one of those little melon-baller gadgets, but I might get one for the next round - my hands seems incapable of rolling a sphere - they all come out like footballs. It took some work to make the beautiful spheres you see here.

Nonetheless! Roll your cake mash into ball-like pieces. Mine were about 1 1/4" in diameter.


Stick em in the fridge.
MontserratA1 month ago

How many cake pops does one box of cake mix make?

Apxeon3 years ago
You could also try using a small round ice cream scoop, or a cookie dough scoop to get it into similar -ish sizes
shaskins3 years ago
A side-note, if you roll counter-clockwise, you generally end up with a more round ball. Dunno why it is, but it's the truth.
(I might have it backwards, but basically, if you roll and it feels "natural", go the other way)

This also works in making fondant balls with NO seams/wrinkles. It's interesting!
chuCraft6 years ago
I wonder if this could be done with brownies without mixing them with icing. I've seen other recipes where brownies can be shaped while still warm. Either way, these look great!
Ezara6 years ago
Those are so cute and impressive! Maybe your idea of using chocolate next time (especially perhaps with a more bitter-chocolate frosting) would make them taste a little less sweet. Great Instructionable anyway!
for some reason, those remind me of raw meatballs lol nice job though