Step 4: Store or Enjoy. Do Both!

Picture of Store or Enjoy. Do Both!
This is one little beauty I popped onto a plate - but no need, they're easy to eat right out of the jar!

Once you've sealed these little treats, lable and date them. Then you're ready to serve, ship, or store.

According to user precision: "We've been doing these for years, they are great! I've got some right now that are over 6 months old, and I wouldn't hesitate to eat them."
Sariamore2 years ago
I was wanting to know if you can jar pineapple upside down cake? My aunt wants me to send her some in the mail. I have done regular cakes. Awesome! Does anyone know if you can jar this type of cake?
scoochmaroo (author)  Sariamore2 years ago
You can certainly send her the cake in a jar, but it is not shelf stable for any longer than any other baked good, so make sure she eats it up!
WildStars135 years ago
do you think this would work with a normal bread recipe? We don't eat bread very quickly. It seems like every time I buy a loaf we eat half of it and the other half sits around until it molds. This would be the perfect amount to go with soups.
Or keep a bread bag, turn inside out and rinse - allow to dry on the dish rack. Next time you buy a loaf, take half out and pop it in the used bread bag and pop it in the freezer. Put the other half in the fridge. Keep one bread bag spare for the next loaf you buy.
avakatie5 years ago
I need jars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will have to try this sometime. sometime i get that craving and i just wished that i had some chocolate cake or brownie. since they are about the same you think brownie will work like this too?
Hard Tymes6 years ago
I HATE COOKING SHOWS! ;) {yeah!, sure ya do!} Just the thought of doing a chocolate cake and having a glass of extra cold 2% milk with it!........or maybe with an extra large orange slice with a piece of cake? Just the thought of a cup of chilled just squeezed orange juice saving the pulp in the juice and dipping that slice of moist creamy chocolate cake with strawberry's on the side into that juice.............not counting the bowl fresh homemade french vanilla ice cream off to the side........ I think I'm in my happy place now..........thank you very much! Do I hate cooking shows?...........{an hour later, with eyes glazed over, with an empty plate & bowl at hand}....UH!? What was the question again!? GAWD! I love Instructables! Richard ~~ hardtymes@gmail.com