Introduction: Cake Prank

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Hi this is my entry for the April fools contest if you like it vote plz.

This is one to make in less than 10 min.

Step 1: Materials

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a box of your favorite pastry or bakery
a piece of metal or something with a similar weight to a portion of cake
a sheet of paper
two sharpie markers

Step 2: Make Your Card

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Now make the card to our joke, in this case decided to give a geek touch, using a reference of portal.

Make the card as you wish is yours, the card I made is to use as reference.

Step 3: Assemble the Joke

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This is the easiest part of the instructable:

1. The weight placed inside box to simulate a portion of cake is in.

2. Place the card inside the box.

3. Close the box and place it in the fridge

4. Waits for someone to get excited because there are cake.

5. Enjoys the face of disappointment that no cake and silly little moment when the note will change the face for a smile (if they know the reference).


gattlinggun (author)2014-05-06

This is cruel

tinker234 (author)2012-03-10

i like ths idea thanks

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