Cake With Soda





Introduction: Cake With Soda

Make a delcious fat free cake with materials you can buy at any local supermart. Easy as One-two!

Step 1: Purchase Cake Mix From Store

You can use any basic boxed cake mix to do this. Any flavor is fine, just make sure to pay attention to later steps.

Step 2: Buy Soda

I recommend buying a 12 pack of canned DIET soda (to get that fat-freeness). To prevent any soda flavor from entering the cake, use Diet Sprite or something of similar type. However, if you are a chocolate cake fan, using Diet Coke or Pepsi would be fine, as the chocolate masks the Pepsi taste.

Step 3: Ignore!

Ignore the directions on the box to add oil, water, and/or eggs and instead just add ONE can of soda.

Step 4: Bake

Bake for the amount of time at the temperature of the box's instructions.

Step 5: Enjoy!

What you should have now is a delicious, fudgy cake, that is also fat free and does not need frosting, because of its sheer delciousness.



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    I only have two liter bottles of coke and gingerale,how many ounce's do I need 12oz???

    I would be careful using diet fizzy as it may contain the sweetner "aspartame" which turns into formaldehyde when heated. Check it out on Google using key words aspartame, formaldehyde, heat. Normal sugary fizzy should be ok

    Our bodies naturally produce formaldehyde, and it's literally in everything around us, naturally, from nuts to cheese to meat to the soil we touch and the air we breathe. Getting worried over nothing will cause premature aging.

    Diet fizzy isn't good for you but diabetics like myself can't have normal fizzy so we have diet fizzy.
    You need to consume a huge amount as aspartame for your body to have the formaldehyde affect.

    I'm from nz also.

    Ive made french vanilla with cream soda, DELICIOUS! Spice cake with ginger ale, AWESOME. Lemon cake with sprite, SUPERB! Strawberry cake and cream soda. VERY GOOD! AND Chocolate with Cherry Dr Pepper! OUT OF THIS WORLD!

    I'd like to know if you can put this type of cake in cup cake cake containers. I've done it with the eggs and oil.

    I mixed the cake & soda pop in bowl then filled my cupcake tins. Worked fine :-)

    MY AUNT MADE THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome. O_O