Calamari di pasta (pasta squid)

Picture of Calamari di pasta (pasta squid)
This Instructable shows how to make pasta shaped like squid / calamari.

Plain wheat flour
Dried shrimp (optional)

I'm not going to go into the detail of making fresh pasta as there are plenty of guides elsewhere. This is one of them.

Neither am I going to tell you how to cook pasta, as that is also covered elsewhere.

The inspiration for this make was posted in the Forums by scoochmaroo (thanks)
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Step 1: Pasta dough

Picture of Pasta dough
Combine flour and egg(s) according to the recipe you are using and work into dough as it advises.

For a seafood flavour I added some shrimp flour STEP 3

Roll the dough into a thin sheet (1-1.5mm 1/16") or use a pasta machine if you have one.

Step 2: Cutting & shaping

Picture of Cutting & shaping
How to turn flat pasta into squid / calamari

Cut a rectangular sheet of pasta, the size is not that important as you will be trimming it.

At the bottom cut tentacles.
I used a custom-built tentacle-cutter STEP 4, but you could achieve a similar effect with a knife.
(Like a cookie-cutter, I just pressed the sharp part into the dough)

Cut two eyes above the tentacles.
I used a custom-built eye-cutter, but a cocktail-stick would serve as well.

Trim the sheet to the left and right, to give 8 tentacles, leaving a little overhang from tentacles 1 & 8 at each edge.

Wrap the sheet around a pen / pencil / spoon-handle or similar
Dampen the edges and press together to form a tube.

Hold the squid upright - using both fingers and thumbs - pinch the head to form two fins.
Trim the head into a point with scissors.

Dry the pasta squid to preserve their shape, I air dried on an obviously home-made dryer.
might make good fishing bait if you added some liver
squid AND liver..thats my bait...try pate
emibo3 years ago
I love these! They would be great for a super special occasion. Pasta takes so long to make and I can tell you put a lot of care into this project. Thanks for sharing. Excellent instructions :)
bshin13 years ago
These are really cute and are very creative! ^^
lemonie (author)  bshin13 years ago

They took a long time, and I've not made them since...

LOVE! but im thinking big! like the giant stuffed shell pasta? oh yes it will be done!
hishealer5 years ago
Too much fun! ^^
TheYetti5 years ago
This is the strangest looking thing i have ever seen..... But i mean that in a very cool way!!!:)
lemonie (author)  TheYetti5 years ago
When they're cooked they're quite like squid (yum) L
mthiels5 years ago
they're adorable! great job!
caitlinsdad5 years ago
I will have to try this stuffed with cheese or a seafood. An interesting variation on stuffed manicotti or shells. Adding too much extras to the flour like your shrimp "flour" definitely changes the character of the pasta dough so that it is not as easy to work with.
lemonie (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I had thoughts about stuffing, but left 'em simple - the seafood idea sounds good - what were you thinking of? L
Hmmm, served cold with shrimp/tuna/lobster salad stuffing, served hot with crabmeat/cornbread stuffing, scallops and chopped fish fillets, fishcake from fish bits and mashed potatoes, probably served in a coquille St. Jacques cream sauce. Or throw it all in the deep fryer and serve with chips dressed with malt vinegar. The tentacles would be pretty cool with the "bloomin onion" effect.
lemonie (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I was thinking of crab, cold salad. The cavity really does poke you to fill with something. I have a mind that we've become complacent with pasta (Instructables-hand-ravioli in my thoughts) people have not innovated that much, as compared to some () who has successfully(?) marketed SPAM-fritters...

I issue you a challenge to create something new in pasta, because I'm sure you could do it


I'll nominate this as one of the offical Instructable dishes to be endorsed by Squid Labs.
thepelton5 years ago
You can get wooden dowels as thick as about 1 1/2 inches (38mm), and could grind or whittle down the end to a point. I don't remember the name of the company, but you can buy a tool that will round or turn the end to a pencil-like point. You could probably get it by googleing.
Baha! I love this!! Im not much of a cook (really im not haha) But this, is the coolest thing food related i have ever seen xP NICE (+5 points)
very cute! now we just have to stuff them with meat and we can have shrimp ravioli
This is adorable! Great work sir! :D
lemonie (author)  jessyratfink5 years ago
Thanks, I did enjoy eating them (all gone now) L
LiporXT5 years ago
evvai un'altro prodotto figo made in italy!
lemonie (author)  LiporXT5 years ago
Grazie. (Fatto in Inghilterra) L
greensteam5 years ago
Hilarious. All the fun of squid without the disgusting sensation of eating boiled salty wellies. I am def going to do this.
lemonie (author)  greensteam5 years ago
It too me a while to do though... L
Sandisk1duo5 years ago
that's very cool but why wrap the dough around a sharpie? i would have used something more hygenic
lemonie (author)  Sandisk1duo5 years ago
The pen (Staedtler Lumocolor 318) was clean. But anything round and stick-like would be as good. L
Groxx5 years ago
That's absolutely awesome. I'm not sure if a couple of my friends could eat them, but that just means more for me xD
gmjhowe5 years ago
These are the best! Great work.