Calculate Arduino Map() on PC


Introduction: Calculate Arduino Map() on PC


Sometimes you need to calculate value of arduino map commmand. I needed it because of my code but i didnt had arduino around to upload it and see it in serial monitor. So i made little app for windows that will calculate it. Its based on reference from arduino's site.

Step 1: Install Application

You will need Microsoft Framework 4.5 (idk why i didnt used 3.5)

Then open it with yours favorite archiver (mine is WinRAR) and run setup.exe
On Windows 7 it will ask Run or Don't run, click Run, click Run.
On Windows 10(Click More Info) it will ask Run Anyway or Don't Run, click Run Anyway.
Repeat run thing if needed again.

You should have app installed. Its about 2MB and virus free.

Step 2: Use It!



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    For those who want the map function here you have the extract from the arduino page:

    long map(long x, long in_min, long in_max, long out_min, long out_max)
    return (x - in_min) * (out_max - out_min) / (in_max - in_min) + out_min;

    1 reply

    well i used it from there :D in code its just basic copy paste :)

    Folks, just be careful about running executables from unknown sources. Perhaps you should instead provide the source code.

    3 replies

    Agreed, source code would be very useful so map() could be used elsewhere, not just this program.

    Whatever, let it be open source.