Hello everyone, 

As I explained before: I'm now a pro member and I have 14 patches left to send. I don't know what to do with them so I decided to hold a contest. If you want to enter here are the rules:
1:The assignment is to create a marble machine out of k'nex that can fit in a red rod box.
2: There's no piece limit
3: All kinds of K'nex pieces are allowed but you can't use anything but K'nex pieces.
4: It must be automatic (which means you'll have to build a lift)

1st place: Patch + lots of honor.
2nd place: Patch + nice comment from me =D
3rd place: Patch

You can enter until I say you can't enter anymore :-p.
I hope to get alot of participants. Creativity will be rewarded.

PS: I posted this as a slideshow because I know most people don't check forums and questions.

Good luck!

List of entries so far:

Hey, Can I put the motor OUTSIDE the red box?
so whats going on...this contest fizzled?<br>
I think I'll try.<br>This sounds SO hard!
Since, no one seems to be entering this, I'll go head and enter what I came up with.<br><br>Its pretty much impossible to make a lift and exit track without going outside the red box. <br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R70TBC36KcI My entry, which is exactly one red box.
Ok, that's really nice, but some people are still busy so I'm gonna have to wait for the other entrants
I would just like to say that this is IMPOSSIBLE to do in a red box. There's no way to fit an entrance lift and exit. Is it OK if you change it to 3 blue squares by 3 blue squares? <br> <br>Oh wait Coaster105 is in thiis? Well I should pretty much give up... JK :-P
It IS possible. I've made 3 lifts in 1/5th of the space!
With no micro pieces?
No, with micro k'nex.
Ah, so that's how you did it.
Yup. Why not? It's allowed :-P
I know, I didn't know you had micro pieces.
I've 3 - 4 thousand of 'em!
I'll sell you mine. :-P
OK :-P
In a red box? I don't think so Can I see a pic?
I only show pics to people who don't participate :-P
Show me a pic
I just want proof do you really think I would cheat in anyway?
When you're on at Skype I'll do :-D<br>
How about wednesday?
I hope I'm on then!
i have a pic of it but i won't show! :P
1300th comment!
If I change the rules now the other participants would have to change their entries as well. I guess you could enter something that doesn't completely follow the rules but I'll have to take that in account when I make a decision about the prizes<br><br>How about that?<br>
I'll have to take the risk. Thanks!
Man up and try the red rod box. :-P
Arrrghh it's so hard. I tried to make a lift with a chain and one with a rising platform. But both were to big! Fortunately I got this other idea which I wont tell anyone yet ^.^
Ok, I'm excited to see the results!
I'll enter! A couple questions: <br>1. Can TRACK go outside of the red box? (the base is red but track goes along on the outside) <br>2. Is there a deadline (time that we have to have it finished by? <br> <br>I'm gonna beat you Shadow &gt;:-)
And I'm gonna beat YOU! You should know what I've got here already...
Thank you!<br>1. I'm sorry, you have to follow the rules, otherwise it wouldn't be fair.<br>2. I haven't decided anything on the deadline, but don't worry about that, I'll give you enough time.<br><br>
Is it allowed to have the motor outside the red box?
yes<br><br>I guess, lol
Don't be sorry. they're your rules. This will be challenging. :-) MERRY CHRISTMAS BUDDY!
Thanks, you too!
Happy new year!
I get even more presents soon becuase my Birthday is on the 5th of January. :-P
i beat you &gt;:-)
No you won't. ;-)
I'll enter, exept for a short of time. When is the deadline?
the deadline is still to be decided, but don't worry, I'll give you enough time
BTW I'll enter!

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