Calculator Frankestien


Introduction: Calculator Frankestien

Alright so you might already get the gist of how to do this but it is really cool. First, you need a small screwdriver because most calculators have really small screws. If you have a bigger screwdriver it also works,but it is kinda hard to do and ruins the screws. Besides you might want those screws for later projects(FREE SCREWS YAY!!!).

Step 1: Unscrew and Unhinge Everything

The picture above show that what you get after you do that. After you do that break of the parts until you get figure 2.

P.S.-My pictures are flipped so the right is on the left and the left is on the right. (If that makes sense :/)

Step 2: Glue and Tape

Now you think you are done but not quite. The Keyboard of the calculator needs to be glued to the thing that is behind it with all the cool patterns. Then tape the battery to the back of the screen. Then customize with whatever you think is suitable for it. :)



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    Anyone seeing the comments I will be starting on a tutorial on how to make a mushroom garden. Without buying things online!!

    Thanks I really like support :)

    So cool! I always love taking things apart to see how they work!

    Just a mistake I made, is that I used a glue gel with is personally my favorite type of glue. Also I have to make a comment on myself this also helps with replacing the battery :)