That's great! I love it! But what's with the weird voice?
I think that it adds to the video
Crap you got me
WOW I never new that a calulator couldplay pingpong
Woa, its like, totally 80's style gaming, before consoles!!! You can actually control every aspect of the paddle!! Totally Rad!!!
nice joke :)
Haha nice joke ;)
OK, that was pretty good
lol&nbsp;&nbsp; You got me<br />
lol i thought you where actually gonna play it on the calculator, ive managed to get some games working on nonprogramable calculators before though
what you mean
the game nim on a non programmable scientific calculator using the the random number generator for the ai move and the calculator also supported chaining the commands together with a : so you can press = to go to the next math operation so you could just press = through the whole thing and enter your number when it came to your turn<br/>
haha<br /> that made my day!<br />
This made me laugh. I was expecting some sort of hack. If a joke was you goal, good job!! :)
That kind of thing can get you despised around here. Post something at least MODERATELY useful, hmm?
i agree.
me 2
Party pooper!
i need a specil calculator.... i have like 7 all dont have the shell thingy
meh is a real word now. it's in a dictionary.
... oh boy, i remember when I was in 4th grade..
this "instructable" is to be deleted! worthless..
You have no sense of humor.
lol i thought there was going to be numbers involved
Haha, very good !
dude, look at this: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/literally">http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/literally</a><br/>
I thought it was about programming.
same i thought it was one of those games with a pad at the bottom and you have to keep the ball on the screen :)
Lol nuice job exactly what i was looking for at least the tittle isnt a lie
buahuahua... I didn't see that one comming... But they're right tetlian... wrong place... but, nice prank!
u make me want to punch a baby
Clever, but not even a chuckle.
Hmm, is there an instructable on how to be funny anywhere? I think you really need to watch it.
I've found another thing that a calculator can do. It can be shoved in your face.
Boring and unfunny
im tired of people posting instructables and youtube videos saying they can do some awesome thing with house hold items, but it turns out they use the literal sense, and only piss you off. like how to put halo on PS2, and the guy puts a copy of the halo game on top of the console. its boring and not funny
lol, nice, not techinically an intructable, but nice =P<br/>
wow, now that I think about it, every calculator can ALSO be hacked and explode, just drive about 80-90 down the interstate and throw it out the window.

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