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Recently, my school created a new policy in which we were no longer allowed to carry backpacks. Well that sucked because I use my calculator to find out my scores and I also use it in math.
I decided to make a keychain with a calculator on it.
I had a calculator watch lying around so i used that but this can work for most all watches.

Step 1: Materials

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One watch that you want to be a keychain.
One keychain.
JB Kwik weld (optional)

Step 2: Tools

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You will need:
A pair of needle nose pliers
A razor knife

Step 3: Cutting the Bands

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Cut the wrist band, from the watch.

Step 4: Removing the Chain

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Take the keyring and chain off.

Step 5: Creating the Keychain

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Thread the chain onto the rod where the band used to be.
This part is kinda hard to explain, but hopefully the pictures can explain better than me.

Step 6: JB Weld

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If you want you can make the connection more secure.
Squeeze a bit of each part out and mix.

Step 7: Applying

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Apply the Kwik weld to the keychain. Allow to dry.

Step 8: Finished Project

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Now your done, put it on your keyring and everything is ready to go.


killerjackalope (author)2010-09-01

Stopped you carrying backpacks? That's insane, so you've to carry everything you need in your pockets and arms?

pgd5000 (author)killerjackalope2010-09-01

yeah it sucks

wobbler (author)pgd50002011-10-17

A backpack that sucks? Aren't you confusing it with a Hoover? Why would you need a Hoover at school?

same at my school your not even allowed to have a bag but yet again all i need is a pencil, paper, and a book

springlauncher (author)2011-09-26

what kind of calculator is it?

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