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Introduction: Calculator Word Challenge

You can spell out words on a calculator when you turn the display through 180 degrees but how many words can you spell?
Here are 103 to get you started.



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    you can speel "Google" with 316006!

    35007345 (turned upside down = SheLoose) We discovered that one back in middle school when the only thing we had were simple + - / 8 digit display calculators. :o)

    1 girl she was 16 she had a 69 er times 3 men whats she equal. lol i no the answer is in the movie but what the heck.

    This is just awesome. Very good video!

    you can also type words in other languages such as spanish ;as an example "3838" (bebe) that means "baby" read upside down

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    "Bebe" means "it drinks" in Spanish just fyi.

    Excuse me , my error , In spanish some words may Have ortographic accent , whichever , bebe with no accent means 'is drinking' , Thus bebé Means baby , My error excuse me

    My Favorite would be for my old HP-45 calculator, Oh Hells Bells 511385113440 To enter on the calculator: Type in 5113851134, Press the exponent button, Enter 40, The result: Oh hEllSBEllS (Looks better on the calculator)

    Wow.. cool. I only know how to do IGLOO, HELLO, HELLO without the O, and something else that I will not mention. :-)


    the popular one in french is "713705" wich is soleil (sun)

    you should include 2 in the list because that could open up plenty more multiple word sayings. 2=too/to/two

    eg. 7734206 type it in and read

    Wow, I never knew there was a word after the smaller ones like "Hello" Nice Job!