Step 24: Caldo 7 Mares

This step is not necessary if you are simply making Caldo de marisco.


Add the seafood mix

If you can't find a pre-made mix
Oysters, octopus, squid, clams or any other seafood you would like to add can be added.

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<p>YUMMY is all I can say!! I made the Siete (7) Mares Soup. It was very easy to follow your instructions plus the pictures also helped the process. THANK YOU!! </p>
My husband loved it!!!! Huge success!!
I am so glad you liked it, did you follow exactly, or did you add or find other items to put in?
<p>I'm entering for fun some stuff for this contest. But I think this really takes the cake. ;-) It just looks good and authentic. Voted for this one.</p><p>Great job on pics too. </p>
<p>Looks delicious!</p>
<p>What a pretty soup - sounds amazing, too! :D</p>
Thank you, you have no idea how honored I am that you commented. I really like your articles, especially the cocktails.

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