Caledscratch (Homestuck)


Introduction: Caledscratch (Homestuck)

About: I make swords sometimes

This is one of the first swords I made that was 'from' something, that something being Homestuck and the sword being the mighty Caledscratch. It took me approximately and hour or so and the process I used to make it was drawing freehand with a Reference photo at my side onto a piece of wood that I had laying around and then using my trusty jigsaw to cut the patter out. Although the crosshairs pieces were too wide and I had to attach those afterwards with some strips of wood and screws.

Ps: I didn't think to take pictures of how I made it but my Instructable on how to make simple easy swords shows the same process aside from the cross-guard.



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    This is amazing. I see I'm not alone as a homestuck fan! Yay!