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Who says adults can't play with wooden blocks? Especially when they assemble to create a whimsical calendar! Inspired by children's wooden blocks and doll houses, this desk-top calendar adds some fun to your otherwise too-adult work area! It even features a "functioning" chimney (No.2 pencil)

Step 1: Supplies

I used soft redwood scraps

Electric Sander
Hand saw
Optional: Laser Printer
No.2 pencil =)

Step 2: Measuring, Cutting, and Sanding Wood

Picture of Measuring, Cutting, and Sanding Wood

Using a large scrap of redwood, I measured 4 pieces (although only 3 are needed) of 2.5 x 3.5 x 7 inch. These blocks will be used as the "months" (with a month printed on each 4 sides) Next, you will need to cut and sand all of the edges for a smooth finish

For the "dates" you will need to measure 4 pieces of 2.5 x 3.5 x 3.5. When standing, these will be half the length of the "month" blocks. Next, you will need to cut and sand all of the edges for a smooth finish

Step 3: Creating the Roof

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While piling two "date" blocks against 1 "month" block, the top should of course measure 7 inches flat. I made the base of my roof slightly bigger, at about 9 inches, for added interest.

Next, I measured my roof's adjacent edges at 45'. Cut and sand.

This is when I was inspired to add a chimney in the form of a pencil, because after all, this is supposed to be a desk-top accessory. Might as well "house" some stationary. heh..

I grabbed a drill bit that was slightly bigger than the diameter of a standard No.2 pencil. Drilled straight down to create a pilot hole for my pencil. I stopped the drill bit just shy of the bottom of the roof so that the pencil would be able to rest rather than fall through. Who wants a falling chimney? Not I!

Step 4: Laser Cutting

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I used an Epilog Laser printer to laser etch words and numbers into the wooden blocks. Obviously, this isn't an easy go-to for everyone. However, you could use an acrylic paint and letter template, or stamps. The options and alternatives are endless for this step.

This is how I divided and printed each edge of the blocks. This way, if you turn any block 90' you will have a new date and a new month appear.

"Month" Blocks (taller ones)

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

"Date" Blocks (shorter ones)

Block 1 (this will be the placeholder for the Tenths)

Block 2



Block 3

Block 4

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Calendar!

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This calendar will work year after year, all you have to do is shift the blocks 90' for a new date!

Have fun calendaring!


borges71187 (author)2014-10-07

Where is the day of week?

chocolate_zombie (author)2013-12-24

I think you mistyped the months you put on the blocks, because you show a May block but don't put it on the list of months on each block.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-12-24

I love these things! Beautiful job!

ChrysN (author)2013-12-24

Lovely, I really like the font you used for the months.

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