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this is a mini cupcakes/ mini cakes that i made for a reunion back when i was working as a lifeguard in california. i used a double tear 4"X 4" mold, the cake batter was a vanilla bean infused white cake mix. after baking and frosting each one,  i rolled out a sheet of fondant and cut it into long rectangles that would cover the cake sides all around and to make the lifeguard figure and roof for the lifeguard tower. After covering the sides, i hand-painted all of the details with food coloring that you can find at any store. after the paint had dried, i piped the white border to make it look like the foam of the waves in the ocean. everyone liked them at the reunion so it was good. it took me around 1 hour and 30 min. to make that is including baking time. 45 minutes baking, 15 min cool down, 5 min frosting, 5 min cutting fondant, 10ish min decorating. i hope you like! :D



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