Calibrate Dial Thermometers





Introduction: Calibrate Dial Thermometers

Dial thermometers are found in almost every kitchen (if you don't have one - don't worry! They're very cheap) and can be a great tool to ensure healthy standards and consistency in your cooking. These simple thermometers can become un-calibrated, but setting them right is a quick and easy process! Learn how in this video lesson from Tundra Restaurant Supply!

Step 1: Mix an Ice Bath

Take a glass and fill it 3/4 of the way full with ice. Now, fill in the cracks with cold water. If the ice floats off the bottom of the glass, you're using too much water.

Step 2: Test!

Ice water (like you just made!) is 32°F/0°C. Insert the probe of your thermometer 2-3 inches into the ice bath, making sure that it's not touching the sides or bottom of the glass. You can stir the ice briefly, but afterwards let the thermometer sit until it reads a consistent temperature.

Step 3: Calibrate!

If your thermometer reads 32°F in the ice bath - great! No adjustment is needed. However, if it is off, you'll know how much you have to adjust. If your thermometer came with a case, there may be a wrench attachment you can use (otherwise, a simple pair of pliers will work fine) to adjust the nut on the back of the face. Re-test in the ice bath and adjust until your thermometer is reading correctly!



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