Introduction: Calibrating Leap Motion

Calibrating you Leap Motion is hard! However you want to make sure that you really need to. Usually you can just use it more and it will get better. Some programs that use it are just really hard to use it with.

Before we start:

Plug in your Leap Motion.

It is expected that you already have the Leap Motion Software installed.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Right Click on the picture of the leap motion in the bottom right corner (windows) or the top right corner (Macs). Click on the option settings.

Step 2: Inside Settings

Go to [troubleshooting]. Then click on [recalibrate device].

Step 3: Painting

Time to paint! Yes! Lift your Leap and point it at your screen and move it around. More detailed instructions are provided for you in the window.

This can be very hard!!!

Step 4: Resume Tracking

A step that is often forgotten to be told how to do so in other things online, you can resume tracking by going to the same little picture of the Leap and right clicking. There will be an option that says Resume Tracking.

Step 5: Your Done

Nice Job! Be sure to ask any questions you have about doing this and I will answer them! Also don't forget to love it!


tomatoskins (author)2016-02-09

Interesting. What does Leap Motion do?

card100 (author)tomatoskins2016-02-09

It is basicaly a really cool thing that you plug into your computer via usb. It then can sence your hands and can work with other programs so that programs can sence your hands. The official website is here: