California Sunset Purse


Introduction: California Sunset Purse

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Here is a simple purse to make. This purse is made from a plastic almond jar. Its see through top allows you to view the contents easily and quickly. It has a Velcro tab to conveniently hold a compact mirror. The handle is made from a strong plastic handle from a pine-sol bottle. All I did was paint the jar and lid, leaving one side unpainted masking it off with tape. Mark center on the side of the unpainted jar,  the length of the plastic handle. Carefully cut the slot. Place the handle through the slot. Place Velcro on the compact mirror and on the inside of the lid. Embellish with a silk flower.  If I were an artist I would hand paint a scenery of a sunset, flowers, or animals to give it a personal touch. The possibilities are endless.

You will need:

Wide mouth almond jar
Orange paint for plastic
1 Silk flower
Compact mirror
Sharp knife
1 plastic handle off a pine-sol jar
A few round dots of Velcro
Tape to mask off one side of the jar



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    recycling and creativity:D!!!! love it!!!

    Thanks! Like I said I am not an artist but this would look so pretty with a sunset artsy stuff! Thanks for commenting!

    Thanks. Too bad you are not my neighbor, you could do a little magic and make this totally awesome!