Calipers: How Thick the Wood; How Wide the Pipe





Introduction: Calipers: How Thick the Wood; How Wide the Pipe

Many times it is is important to know the size of some unlabeled object.
Usually a good tape will work.
But sometimes a calpier is easier to use.

There are many expensive ones.
But the inexpensive plastic alternatives can be useful.
They are easy to carry and can be shared or lent with no worries.
I have purchased them for less than 1.00

Step 1: Check the Thickness of a Piece of Plywood

This is 3/4 "
The cali[per shows it a little thinner; it is an inexpensive one

Step 2: Check the Outer Diameter of a Strainer

A pipe would be a more typical object to measure.
It is a 2 1/2 inches

Step 3: Check the Inner Diameter of a Strainer

Again, this is not a typical object to measure.
A pipe would be a more typical object

It is 2 1/18

Step 4: So Get Some Calipers

If you need great accuracy and precision, get good ones.
If you do not, get some cheap ones.
They do come in handy.



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    Nice, simple and to the point. Wish I had seen this when I first used calipers years ago, would have saved me a bit of time. I buy mine from harbor freight, you can find fairly decent digital calipers on sale for $6.99 at times.

    Glad you liked it. I got mine at Craftwood Lumber. The ones sold there can be seen at They are sold 12 for 12.00 in packages of 12. They seem to be the same ones as the 2.99 ones at harbor freight. Many times I will buy ends and pieces of lumber and have to check thicknesses . The calipers are handy for that and other tasks where I have to match smaller dimenions.