In a previous Instructable  I showed how you can make a wheel truing stand with a few pieces of steel angle. While very useful, its biggest shortcoming was the lack of calipers, which is necessary to check the lateral and radial trueness of the wheel. So as a follow-on project I made this caliper to go with the wheel truing stand. This project has the look-and-feel of the earlier one as they use the same materials and the same basic design. I really like the big-brother/little-brother feel of the two projects.

Like before, I made this at TechShop (www.techshop.ws).

Step 1: Parts and Equipment


The caliper is mostly made up of steel scraps that I had on-hand, but if you had to buy everything it’d probably cost about $20-25 from your local hardware depot.

1 in. x 1 in. x ⅛ in. steel angle, total of 12 linear inches
1 in. x ⅛ in. steel flat bar, total of 6 ½ linear inches

2 x #6-32 x 1” machine screws
4 x #6-32 nuts
1 magnet (I used a 40mm 15 lb pull round magnet from Harbor Freight, but anything similar would be fine)


You’ll need the following equipment:
- angle iron notcher
- drill press, 5/32 in. bit
- cold saw or vertical bandsaw
- welder
- Dremel tool with cutting disk
- hand file
- grinder

Great Project! <br>I will critique the square corners. A few minutes with an angle grinder and you could radius those corners as well as break any sharp edges. Either couold provide you with a nast cut. <br> <br>If you don't have an angle grinder, you can get one at Harbour Freight for $10.00 and up...they are available at many other retailers also.

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