Call of Duty 4 Mile High Club Tutorial





Introduction: Call of Duty 4 Mile High Club Tutorial

This is one of the hardest Xbox 360 achievements of all time, In this video I will show you how to do it!
It still gonna take a few times but keep at it!



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    Exactly, if you don't shoot his head the hostage dies.

    ATTENTION!!!!!!! The hostage part is acctually the EASIEST part because the hostage's legs are spread and the gunman's AREN'T. Shoot his foot, he drops the hostage, he's open, shoot him again. It only takes about 1.5 seconds of the 5 seconds you are given as opposed to your way which takes about 3 seconds. No offence, but this is easier.

    Its easy to shoot his head as well. Wait until like 3-2 seconds and he moves his head to the side (He kinda looks at you before he shoots the hostage, when he looks, he moves his head)

    shooting the terrorists legs results in the hostages death you nit

    You have to shoot the terrorist in the head to get the veteran achievement!

    i managed to do this but instead of knifing the first guy, I shot the two at the end of the corridor and shot the toilet guy as he wandered into my line of fire, then i stole the guys P90. One time I got to the very end and shot the terrorist in the foot and the hostage died, I think i shouted alot. BTW i did not use this guide, I only just noticed this.

    just shoot his legs (in between the hostages' legs ) a couple times and he'll die

    u cant it says "veterens only get headshots" and puts u at the beggining of the level again

    yeah, I did that and the terrorist shot the hostage I was well pissed

    I did hardened in six try well at least for this level.