Call of Duty Ghosts T-shirt





Introduction: Call of Duty Ghosts T-shirt

This is a really cheap option if you're looking to get a cool shirt to represent your gamer spirit. I do not own the rights to this and I don't sell these.

Step 1: Make a Skull Stencil

Google a picture of the ghost logo and print it, print it on cardstock or free hand it on cardboard.

Step 2: Optional Stencils

I made a really simple camouflage shape stencil and a fence stencil for extra detail.

Step 3: Pick a Shirt

I'm a fruit of the loom kinda guy, but find a shirt you can wear comfortably.

Step 4: Prep the First Layer

The first layer is the skull, very basic. I used an off white and covered my stencil edges in newspaper to prevent overspray.

Step 5: Optional: Add the Fence Details

Put your fence stencil on the right bottom and left strap. Paint and feather edges.

Step 6: Optional: Camo

Put the skull stencil back on and the camo stencil on and paint the lighter color. Put it on the opposite way and paint the darker color

Step 7: Optional: Weathering

Scrunch up the shirt and mist a dark grey or black on it.

Step 8: Sealing It Up

Put it in the dryer for 20 minutes to keep the paint from washing out later on. Now you're done, you've also saved about $15.



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    oh, this is so sick! nice job man!