This project commenced as soon as I saw the game of life contest open. I did not see many people build the ray gun so I decided to go for it! I used the to scale blueprints to assist me and make reference to throughout the project. I found them really helpful and I hope you will too.
Link : http://www.mynameisbanks.com/raygunblueprints.php
  This project consists of mainly scarp wood but also scrap metal and PVC tubing, these were all found in the house shed. Sometimes to meet the required thickness. So therefore it was mainly free apart from the paint I had to buy. My Dad helped me cut the PVC tubing in the chop saw as it was highly dangerous and also thought me a new skill, how to chisel. I enjoyed this project a lot because as the final week approached I was under pressure to get things done so I had to add time management to the project so it would be finished on time. Basically I gave myself a task for everyday. Eventually I did get it complete and I was very satisfied with the result. This project is most rewarding to whoever is going to try it especially fitting all the parts together.
  Best of Luck!

Step 1: Tools and Materials.

You don't need any of the stuff here apart from a few things because this project is so versatile. You can make it out of cardboard, foam, metal or wood. 

Materials used;

Brass bars,
Aluminium tubing,
Coat hanger,
Plastic (From a bottle),
A washers,
PVC pipe,
A handball.

Tools used;

A screw driver, (Not necessary)
A jigsaw, (You could use a saw)
A drill,
Rotary tool, (Not necessary)
Hammer, (Not necessary)
Clamps, (Not necessary)
Chisels, (Not necessary)
Sand paper,
Various glues.

You will also need paint.
<p>I understand the process, How long does this take to make with the time on your hands?</p>
Hi could I buy one of you
wow thats awsome
Hey! Yo! Blow those heads of with yo RayGun! That's freakin awsome
Ronald Ray Gun?
thats asome
Thanks :)
good job 2 years now i made mine for Halloween costume (never uploaded here pitty) and looks like yours
Thanks ! There really rewarding and fun to make .
You should make the thunder gun or the blundergat.
I'll think about it for over the summer but for now I'm studying for exams. Cheers!
I understand about the exams! Cheers too!
There a pain no problem :)
On with the zombie slaughter! <br>It looks great, nice work.
Thanks !!!
Thanks !!!
Could you name the website you got the blueprints off of (if they have other guns) :)
Brilliant!!! Really needed this as I'm making a short film and I need a ray gun prop :D <br>Thanks!
Thank you! Hope the film goes good for you :)
This is the best yet but does not have the same colors as the bo2 ray gun& you should make the blundergat be hard though
Due to massive pressure for time I just ran down to my local DIY shop and picked the paint out by only memory. Of course this is an easy adjustment for ye guys to make.

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