Picture of Call of Duty mini Games
Hello everyone.
Today my brother and I were playing call of Duty and we felt like we needed to make things interesting. Here are 6 mini games I think you'll enjoy.

Step 1: Titan

Picture of Titan
For all of the following you'll need to copy the load out like in the picture above. This load out is accompanied with the game mode blitz on veteran in whiteout.

Ok now imagine you're plane just crashed , and the only way off is to capture the objective. Now gear up with you honey badger an LMG and go find your way out of the snowy terrain.
Still nice game modes. I might have to try some. Make some for advanced warfare plssssssss.
You're a noob tuber lol.
Gamertamer2000 (author) 1 year ago
I changed it please see if it's better
Gamertamer2000 (author) 1 year ago
Ok I will fix that thanks
skmagiik1 year ago

You should explain how to play the games not just a loadouts. It would be a little more helpful, but I like way you chose to layout the steps! :)

Gamertamer2000 (author) 1 year ago
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