Introduction: Call the Wizard ! Card Trick,bar Game

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Great trick to win a beer off of an unsuspecting person.

Step 1: Have a Willing Accomplice

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You have to have a friend who would be willing to accept your phone call at anytime.You will be each other's Wizard.

Step 2: Teaching the Trick

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Have a deck of cards and with you.You let the unsuspecting person pick a card out of a fanned deck.Tell them to lay it on the table face up,then tell the person you are going to "Call the Wizard". You dial your accomplice's number and say "IS THE WIZARD THERE?"When the accomplice hears this he knows the trick is on.His reply will be (HEARTS....CLUBS....DIAMOND.....SPADES).He should pause in between each suit.When he says the correct suit you say quickly "WIIZARD ? ". When he hears this he will start saying ACE...KING..QUEEN ...JACK...TEN...and so on.When he says the correct card you quickly say "WIZARD CAN YOU TELL THIS PERSON HIS CARD".You hand the person the phone and the wizard tells them their card.


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