Picture of Calling Bell
This is a very simple circuit consisting of only two components,  a three pin ic UM66 or BT66 and a transistor BC548. this is a very easy method to make a calling bell. the circuit can be made without soldering also. i used a cassette box as outer covering    

Step 1: Parts list

Picture of parts list
1 x UM66
1 x BC548
1 x speaker 8ohm
2 x AA size battery
1 x battery holder
1 x common circuit board
Dipankar2 years ago
It is a very good project specially for patients in bed who requires constant attention.
sooraj619 (author)  Dipankar2 years ago
nodoubtman3 years ago
What about a buzzer without the transistor??

thank you!
sooraj619 (author)  nodoubtman3 years ago
BC 548 is used to amplify the sound if you don't use it, the sound will be low
vishalapr4 years ago
This is so cool and cheap!Just the kind of project I like!
Have a look at my ibles!!!