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    Obviously all animals would be sensitive there becuase they have their brainstem there. When touched there it hurts and a headache is caused. Just wanted to show you! And great instructable! My dog is always hyper when someone comes in my house and then I use this technique and man! My dog is like asleep after! Thanx!
    ( ".")

    My dog's MUCH cuter......

    Your dog is a Jack Russel, while min is a Maltese, and a very cute GIRL one at that. I think it's quite clear that most people will think that Malteses are cuter.

    Yeah, well that doesn't matter. All that matters is that my dog is cuter.

    I'm sorry, but were you talking to yourself?

    Yeah, well my dog is cuter

    You're going to go to hell for lying.

    There is no such thing as hell, and you should know that, you silly Atheist :P

    how bout both you jerks shut up

    no, this is hilarious, people and their dogs.

    One tip of advice:

    Rub the dogs ears. It is one off the best was to relieve stress in dogs. Next time you go to the vet, watch him\her massage the dogs ears.

    My dog is a long legged Jack Russel called Max... I might give him a massage, he's abit crackers.